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Policy Briefing Series 2021

Division/Group Events Regions Public Policy Division

The NASPA Policy Briefing Series is an online professional development opportunity provided by the NASPA Public Policy Division. Briefings occur on a monthly basis and deliver foundational policy building blocks and timely coverage of developments in the policy landscape that impact you and your campus.

Join members of the NASPA Public Policy Division to learn about issues impacting the higher education landscape through the lens of how they apply to you in your role as a student affairs practitioner. Sessions are free for NASPA members and $39 for non-members. 

Register today for next month's briefing "The Impact of President Biden's First 100 days on Higher Education" on April 30, 12-1pm EST, featuring: Shane Long, MS, and James Tyger, JD, PhD. 

(Note: Given the timely nature of this series, briefing topics may change or be determined without much lead time. Check back for regular updates to briefing topics and session dates.)

Presented By

Public Policy Division

Upcoming Sessions

Session Date & Time Issue Area & Title Session Description Presenters
April 30, 12-1pm ET The Impact of President Biden's First 100 Days on Higher Education Public Policy Division leaders along with NASPA staff will dig into how new administration priorities have shaped our higher education policy outlook and the national landscape after President Biden's first 100 days in office.   Shane Long MS; James Tyger, JD, PhD, Diana Ali, AM, MPP
February 25, 2-3pm ET Public Policy Basics: Breaking down the public policy process for student affairs professionals As a follow-up to November 2020’s Public Policy Division blog post, this session will build on the dialogue of breaking down the language and process of how law and policy is made in the United States. We’ll dive into commonly used (but still confusing) terminology, the lawmaking processes at the federal and state levels, and use the Higher Education Reauthorization Act as a case study for understanding rulemaking processes.  Jill L. Creighton, D.P.A.; Beth Devonshire, JD; Katy Launius, M.Ed.  

Contact Information

Registration Issues/Questions:  
NASPA Main Office - (202) 265-7500
Program Questions/General Information:
Diani Ali- (202) 265-7500 ext 1241


About the Public Policy Division

Public Policy Division

NASPA's Public Policy Division works to build on NASPA’s role as a leading advocate for federal and state public policy in support of students and the student affairs profession, and reflect the Association’s continuing effort to develop members’ professional competencies to engage effectively in public policy conversations. 

Members of the PPD Leadership Team meet once per month to review, discuss, and share higher education policy updates in the focus areas of: 

  • Student success and college completion;
  • Student safety and wellness, including financial and mental wellness and protections for trans students and victims of sexual assault;
  • Costs of higher education, student debt, and borrower protections;
  • Inclusive opportunities for access and success in higher education; and
  • Civic engagement and freedom of expression.