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With the People: A Conversation on Public Deliberation in Practice

External/Affiliated Event Civic Engagement Policy and Advocacy Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

Engage in conversations that matter across difference through With the People, an initiative of the National Issues Forum Institute (NIFI) and a dynamic network of partners, in this session featuring Betty Knighton, President, NIFI, and Kara Lindaman, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Winona State University. 

According to NIFI, With the People is based on the idea that democracy is strengthened when citizens, institutions, and governments find ways to talk and work with each other. Deliberative discussions of the issues that impact our lives make a profound contribution to our capacity to do just that. 

Participants in this webinar will learn about the goals and objectives of the With the People Initiative. NASPA, in partnership with NIFI, will offer insight on the deliberative dialogue work NASPA has engaged in, alongside campus partners over the last 18 months in an effort to offer deliberation as an active community approach on campus to student affairs professionals. For more, including stories from the field, and to learn about the Initiative's partner organizations, check out the With the People page on the NIFI website. 

Join us just weeks before Election Day, on October 16, from 1:00-2:00pm EST, in this opportunity to reinvest in civic education and in our civic lives. 

Presented By

Issue Guides on Deliberative Dialogue

NASPA’s Project Page "Issue Guides for Deliberative Dialogue" includes our first issue guide, Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus: How Do We Foster The Campus Community We Want?" along with resources to train moderators on how to conduct a forum so that every sector across the higher education may participate. NASPA’s issue guide can be used for dialogue between students and practitioners, and cross-functionally across different departments and levels of leadership as well. Institutions that conduct a forum with the guide should make sure to fill out a program evaluation to ensure proper assessment of the tool and to inform future research. Please visit the project page linked above for more!



Contact Information

Registration Issues/Questions:  
NASPA Main Office - (202) 265-7500
Program Questions/General Information:
Diani Ali- (202) 265-7500 ext 1241
-  dali@naspa.org


Text Captioning Support: NASPA kindly requests five business days notice for captioning requests. You can request captioning within the online registration process. If your registration is received within the five business days prior to the live event, you will be contact by NASPA staff.