Careers in Student Affairs Month

Supporting the Profession

Careers in Student Affairs (CSAM) is a month-long initiative, each October. CSAM is dedicated to the celebration of a career in student affairs, education and awareness in the profession, and engagement with professional associations and peers in the field. More directly, the goals of Careers in Student Affairs Month are to:

  • Celebrate the field of student affairs through opportunities to reflect on individual journeys and experiences
  • Provide professional development for student affairs administrators in higher education
  • Encourage and promote the profession in order to grow the field of student affairs
  • Cultivate spaces for dialogue related to pertinent topics within student affairs


2021 Themes

This year, the theme for #CSAM21 is Transitions and Transformations. As campuses reopen, how are our campuses communities adjusting to a world changed by the COVID-19 pandemic? How have the transitions throughout the pandemic affected student life, engagement, and the field? What has changed about the way we respond to student needs? Faculty and staff should be considering now more than ever, the impact that COVID-19 has had upon marginalized communities, the disparities in access to care and how this has impacted students and their development. The student affairs community must not only recognize the transition we are experiencing, but acknowledge how we have all been impacted by the pandemic. As we transition back to campus life, campuses must develop and encourage practices of care to create and maintain balance in a post-pandemic community. As the field continues to shift and evolve in a post-pandemic world, how are students, faculty, and staff being supported amid concerns of burnout and anxiety?

Free Webcasts 2021

During Careers in Student Affairs Month, NASPA will sponsor unique educational sessions for students and professionals of all levels, working across the field. To submit a proposal for a webinar or other event, submit to the 2021 NASPA Careers in Student Affairs Month Call for Submissions by August 29th at 11:59pm local time. Each webinar will be recorded and posted here following the livecasts. Please allow up to 24 hours following the livecast for the recordings to be posted. Below, you will find the 2020 NASPA Careers in Student Affairs Month webinars. 

Date & Time Title Description Presenters
Tuesday, September 29, 4:00 PM ET TPE Town Hall: "Showing Up" to Work in Fall 2020 It's Fall 2020 and we are living through a global pandemic. We are witnessing and experiencing racial violence and policy brutality. Our friends and colleagues have been laid off or furloughed. We are worried about our own financial security. Our campuses have become labs for coronavirus experiments. It's a consequential and contentious election year. The job we applied for it not the job we are doing. We have pivoted in our roles more times than we can count. We have had to take extraordinary new measures both personally and professionally. We are being pulled emotionally and physically in many different directions. So, how do we continue to show up? This town hall format around "working through Fall 2020" will be moderated nby the TPE Committee. Our personal and professional lives have never intersected more and we cannot "leave our personal feelings" at the (virtual) door. We can be grateful to have a job while still acknowledging how hard this all is to endure,The TPE Committee, led by Chair Brenda Ice and Chair-Elect Kirby R. Gibson, will provide brief thoughts around showing up for work during a time of national distress before opening the session up for questions or comments. Brenda Ice & Kirby Gibson
Tuesday, September 29, 7 - 8 PM ET Job Searching Amidst a Pandemic Are you entering the job search? Are you currently job searching? The NASPA Region III New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community invites you to join six panelists from across Region III as they share their first hand experience navigating the job search amidst a pandemic. Moderated by Julie Fleishman & Alexandria Wink Thomas Atkins, Matthew Boudreaux, Jordan Cooper, DaShawn Dilworth, Madison Hobson, & LaMario Moore
Thursday, October 8, 12:30 - 1:30 PM ET

Jump Start the Job Search with TPE, Part 1: Navigating a 2021 Job Search

This session will give a general overview of the job search process, particularly in response to the current higher education employment landscape. Participants will learn from The Placement Exchange team about current hiring trends in Student Affairs, with a focus on job search strategies for anyone planning on going through a job search in the year.  
Thursday, October 8, 2 - 3 PM ET The Current State of Student Affairs Join NASPA President Dr. Kevin Kruger and NASPA Board Chair Dr. Angela Batista for a discussion on the current state of the student affairs field as well as the future of the field from the perspective of association leadership.  Dr. Kevin Kruger & Dr. Angela Batista
Wednesday, October 14, 6 - 7 PM ET Supporting Students During Civil Unrest  

The year 2020 continues to break historical precedence as the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others have resulted in protests and passionate demands for justice. Many of our students remain at the forefront of this movement. Young people have often taking the lead in Black Lives Matter and other racial justice protests as demonstrations continue to occur worldwide. In addition to the civil unrest, we are living through a pandemic and heading towards a tumultuous US Presidential election. The NASPA Region II & III New Professionals and Graduate Student Knowledge Community (NPGS KC) are exploring ways to support our constituents to best help them understand and support students during this difficult time.

Moderators: Courtney Cunningham & William Teer
Thursday, October 15, 12:30 - 1:30 PM ET Jump Start the Job Search with TPE, Part 2: Exploring Your Options A This panel session will include a mix of recent candidates and employers to provide insight into different types of opportunities based on functional area, institution type, geographic locations, etc., and how to best navigate the job search for a particular interest area. Hear from panelists who found positions in various types of roles, including those that differed from their graduate practicum.  
Monday, October 19, 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET Can You Work Internationally in Student Affairs?

Have you ever considered working overseas? Did you know you can work in student affairs in other countries? Be inspired and learn how one woman broadened her personal and professional horizons in international higher education in five countries. She has lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Dominica, Singapore, and presently Bangladesh. She will share her purpose, experiences, and process. You will learn about her adaptation as well as the rewards and challenges of being an expatriate. Learn about her continued passion for her journey and helping others who have the same aspirations.

Karla A. Fraser, MAIA
Thursday, October 22, 12:30 - 1:30 PM ET Jump Start the Job Search with TPE, Part 3: Articulating Your Value "So, tell me about yourself. How would you add value to this job? Department? Institution?" This important session will help participants reflect on how they add value to positions and the profession, with practical strategies as to how to best articular that value throughout the job search process. Often, strong candidates are unable to properly showcase their value, or explain how their experience would benefit the position to which they are applying. This session will help job seekers think about what they need to do to stand out in all stages of their job search.  
Thursday, October 29, 12:30 - 1:30 PM ET Jump Start the Job Search with TPE, Part 4: Making Connections and Next Steps A well-done job search is not unlike a well-done student/campus program. You wouldn't implement a new initiative on campus without proper planning or including other people in the process. Yet, most people enter the job search and start applying without prior planning or making the right connections. It's only October, but now is the time to start the job search planning process. This session will focus on the often-overlooked elements of the job search including: making connections to people (who, how where, why?), strategies for researching positions and organizing a job search, reflecting on "for now" and longer-term goals, and creating an action plan around fill experience gaps over the next few months.  


2021 Special Book Discount

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