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Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Training

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CPE training is an effective strategy for building a well-educated and sustainable peer education group. CPE Training helps peer educators develop leadership skills to be able to successfully create and implement campus programs. The training includes eight modules, covering the role of peer education, helping peers make a behavior change, listening skills, response and referral skills, how to take action and intervene, recognizing the role of diversity and inclusivity, programming and presentation skills, self-care, and group dynamics. To get in touch, fill out the CPE Help Desk form or e-mail [email protected].


Initially launched by the BACCHUS Network in 1994, the Certified Peer Educator program has been an asset to health and wellness peer educators, leading to the certification of more than 350,000 individuals since its inception. As the higher education landscape has evolved, so have the roles of peer educators - whether in the capacity of traditional health and wellness peer educators, resident advisors, or orientation leaders. Campuses are relying on their students to be curators of change and support systems for their peers, and the CPE program provides foundational-level skills to allow these students to be successful. Throughout the 12 hour, 8 module course, students will hone their skillsets to be effective peer educators and leaders. 

What Does CPE Training Include?

CPE is a comprehensive, 12-hour foundation training suitable for any collegiate peer education group. This training is broken up into 8 distinct modules. The course can be taught during a training over a long weekend, or throughout a semester as part of a course. The modules and skillsets that your students will develop include:

  1. Understanding the Power, Roles, and Characteristics of Peer Educators
  2. Understanding Change as a Peer Educator
  3. Being an Effective Listener as a Peer Educator
  4. A Peer Educator’s Role as a Responder
  5. Bystander Intervention as a Peer Education Technique
  6. Intrapersonal Applications of Identity as a Peer Educator
  7. Programming Strategies for Peer Educators
  8. Group Development and Moving Forward

This document outlines the course content and what to expect in each of these modules. 

Students who are certified receive a CPE certification stating that they have indeed been trained in the core skills that will make them a better leader, role model, activist, and team member. After completing the training, students receive a certificate, membership card, and resume attachment by completing the online test. 


How Can I bring CPE to My Campus? 

1. Become a CPE Facilitator Yourself: 

The CPE curriculum is available for campus staff members. The CPE Train-the-Trainer course enables advisors to facilitate the CPE curriculum to their students, certifying them as CPE trained. CPE Trainers gain access to all CPE training materials and earn their CPE Trainer Certification. Learn more about becoming a CPE Trainer. 

2. Bring a National Trainer to Your Campus:

Peer Education groups can bring a NASPA staff trainer to campus. Please let us know if you'd like to schedule a training on your campus -- we can provide the Train-the-Trainer training or the full CPE course in person for your campus.

CPE Classroom

The NASPA's Online Learning Community (OLC) hosts the CPE Classroom, and can be accessed directly at Learning.NASPA.org


Student's CPE Classroom is in their Dashboard in NASPA's Online Learning Community. Click here to watch our student login demonstration. 


CPE Advisors/Instructors can register for your CPE Classroom here. You can then enroll your students in the Student Registration Portal under your CPE Registrations at the very bottom of the My Events tab in the NASPA Engagement Portal.

Click here to watch our walkthrough demonstration or view our frequently asked questions. Having trouble? Click here to access our CPE Help Desk. 

Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Train-the-Trainer Course

Campus staff members that work with peer educators can become a CPE Trainer. The CPE Train-the-Trainer course enables advisors to facilitate the CPE curriculum to their students, leading them through the training and certifying them upon passing the CPE Certifying Exam. In addition to training on the CPE course and how to facilitate the training, trainers gain access to all CPE training materials and earn their CPE Trainer Certification.    

Institutional Members $645
Others $845

 *** Interested in training multiple staff members? NASPA can come to your campus and conduct an in-person group training. Reach out for more details using the CPE Help Desk form or e-mail [email protected]

CPE Cohort

Introducing the CPE Cohort

Virtual CPE proved to be an incredible resource, enabling thousands of students to become Certified Peer Educator (CPE) trained during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're thrilled to uphold the legacy of the CPE training while continuing to offer the accessibility of a virtual option by offering a revamped online experience, now designed to foster peer interaction, collaboration, and joint learning.

Enrolling in the CPE Cohort is priced at $109 per student, with a reduced rate of $89 per student for NASPA Institutional members. Students can register for the cohort themselves or have their advisors register them using the 'register colleague' option (students will need to first create a NAPSA account and select their institution). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NASPA Community Hub and Online Learning Community?

The NASPA Community Hub, engage.NASPA.org, is where you manage your NASPA Account and Instructors will go to register students. 

The Online Learning Community, learning.NASPA.org, is where you access any of your courses, such as CPE, Train-the-Trainer, Advisor’s Academy, or the CPE Trainer Resource Hub. Quickly access your courses by selecting Dashboard once logged in.

How much is CPE?

The cost for the Virtual CPE course is based on institutional NASPA membership (not individual membership status). For those at a school who is a NASPA institutional member the cost is $29 per student. For non-members the cost is $49 per student. 

For a Classroom Facilitated CPE Training, each student needs Student Workbook. For those at a school who is a NASPA institutional member the cost is $23 per student. For non-members the cost is $29 per student.

I'm a student who wants to go through CPE but I don't have an advisor or peer education group. Can I still go through CPE?

Any student can become a Certified Peer Educator. If you do not have an advisor or a peer education group that is going through the CPE course you can go through our Virtual Certified Peer Educator Training - Independent Student course. 

This is a self-paced certification course for Certified Peer Educator Training for students who are looking to become CPE trained independent from a Peer Education group or class. 

I'm getting a ‘Bad Request’ or ‘The Course Content is Not Listed’ message.

CPE requires a stable, steady internet connection. Privacy settings in your browser can also be a cause of interference. It is important to clear your cookies or use a private browsing mode. We’ve found the best browser is the most up to date version of Google Chrome and using Incognito. If you continue to have issues, shutdown and then restart your computer and/or Wi-Fi.



How do I register my students for Certified Peer Education (CPE)?

Advisors can register for a CPE Classroom here. After registering, manage your classroom and add students by going to your Community Hub at Engage.NASAPA.org and login. There you will click the tab My Events located on the left side and then scroll down to the bottom for the category CPE Registration. Click Register Students to take you to the student registration page. Here you can view your available seats, purchase additional student seats, and reset student passwords. After inputting a students’ name and email, click the Save button in the top right corner. 



My online classroom is full, what should I do?

Each registration line is updated automatically when you purchase a CPE Student Workbook or a Virtual CPE Registration. If you believe your numbers are not correct, please use the CPE Help Desk form to submit a ticket for review.

Where do I order student workbooks?

You can order student workbooks directly from the Register Students page or at this link.

Each student completing the Classroom CPE training will need a workbook.



Can I pre-purchase student registrations?

Yes, you can purchase as many virtual student seats or student workbooks as you'd like. Once purchased, student registration lines will become available in your CPE Classroom that you can fill as you like. 

How do I register for CPE Train-the-Trainer?

Register here



Where do I find the materials to facilitate the training?

Go to the Online Learning Community (OLC) at learning.naspa.org and login using your NASPA credentials. Under your Dashboard, select CPE Trainer Resource Hub. If you do not have access to the CPE Trainer Resource Hub, please contact us using the CPE Help Desk form or by sending an email to [email protected].

Does my CPE certification expire?

No, the CPE certification does not expire. Once a student is certified they do not need to retake the course or exam.



Does my Train the Trainer certificate expire?

You will need to complete at least one training every 2 years to keep your certificate active.



Where do I view my CPE Certificate?

Students will automatically receive their CPE certificate on completion of the course. They can view the certificate by going to their Dashboard and then selecting Transcript/Achievements.



My students are not receiving the invitation email and/or I’m not seeing my classroom?

Your class might not be activated; please give NASPA 24 hours to activate your CPE Classroom after registering. If you are still not seeing your classroom, please contact us using the CPE Help Desk form.

I can't see my student's progress

As an Advisor, you can not directly track/see individual student progress. On completion, students are presented a downloadable CPE Certificate that they can present to you as proof of completion. If you would like to request a detailed progress report, email us at [email protected].

Is there a demonstration?

Yes, click students can click here to watch our Student Login Demo. Advisors/Instructors can click here to watch our video walkthrough of how to register for a CPE Classroom, Register Students, access the CPE Trainer Resource Hub, and what students will see and how they can begin their CPE Training.

How can I get in touch with the NASPA CPE Team

Please contact us using the CPE Help Desk form or send an email to [email protected].