SA SPeaks: Who Am I?

"Is there a moment in your life where you felt like you didn't belong, where you felt you couldn't be your authentic self? ...Our students find themselves in this same space."

David Earl Jones' SA Speaks draws on a life's worth of experiences as he helps listeners ask a simple question: who am I? He reflects on his struggles growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood and school where he constantly felt the pressure of "not being black enough" and not living up to the stereotypes and expectations placed upon him by the media. Once he arrived on campus as a student, he was finally given the space and support to truly explore what it meant to be a black male. And now as a professional, he's using that experience to help his students and colleagues explore themselves.

SA Speaks in 2016

Has watching this video inspired you to give your own talk? We'll be hosting more SA Speaks talks next year at the 2016 NASPA Annual Conference in Indianapolis. The Call for Programs is open. You can alsoregister for the 2016 conference at 2015 prices right now.

SA Speaks is a unique session format that debuted at the 2014 NASPA Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD. Speakers were given 10-15 minutes to present a topic or idea that is important to them. Similar to "TED Talks," SA Speaks allowed speakers to express themselves and not just speak attendees, but instead engage with them and encourage them to leave the session with a new perspective or new idea.