Membership Opportunities for Corporate and Non-Profit Partners

Your NASPA corporate membership gives you discounted access to the services that you’re already using and establishes your organization as a friend and supporter of student affairs.

Corporate & Non-Profit Member Benefits


Member TypePrice
Corporate Member
Individuals, organizations, manufacturers, or suppliers of goods and services that operate for profit and support the policies, purposes, and activities of NASPA. Price includes membership for the primary contact.
Non-Profit Member
Educational associations, governmental agencies, and other non-profit groups (other than colleges and universities) supportive of NASPA's goals. Price includes membership for the primary contact.
Additional Contact
Additional employees at corporate or non-profit members who wish to receive NASPA membership benefits as well.
Independent Educational Consultant
Independent higher education / student affairs educational consultants or individuals who are self-employed or own their own company providing student affairs or higher education professional services. This member type is available by request only, please email


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