Outstanding Undergraduate Student Parent Program

Adult Learners and Students with Children
Application Deadline: October 24, 2021 | Award Type: knowledge community

Given in recognition of an outstanding entity/program within a higher education institution that provides exceptional support--characterized by a collection of creative methods for serving undergraduate students with children. Areas of consideration may include, but are not limited to, cost-effectiveness of services or wise use of resources, overall reach and breadth of program services offered, alignment with standards outlined in student parent research and the involvement of others outside of the immediate program/campus or external community collaboration.  Nominees for this award are innovative programs and initiatives that break new ground in serving student parents, raise awareness of student parents on campus, the external community or nationally, and/or make an exceptional impact on student outcomes.


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Presented By

Adult Learners and Students with Children


Recipients will receive a certificate and plaque of award, and be recognized at the NASPA annual conference. Additionally a letter of commendation will be sent from the NASPA ALSC KC Chair to the institution president, student affairs officer and selected local media. Finally the program/entity will be showcased on the NASPA ALSC KC website.


Past Recipients


Adult Reentry and Parenting Students - California State University Fullerton


Services for Students with Children - Portland State University


The Student Parent Help Center - University of Minnesota

Award Criteria

1. Addresses needs of pregnant or parenting undergraduate students to encourage persistence and graduation.

2. Shows involvement, inclusion, and collaboration with others.

3. Uses innovative and creative methods, practices, or activities.

4. Imbedded with practice of outcomes and assessment.

5. Has evidence of meeting needs or eliminating barriers to success as outlined in student parent research.

Submissions will also be assessed for the quality of the description, explanation of concepts, and clarity of writing.

Rubric for selection

  • Materials must be submitted by the specified deadline.
  • Materials include a description and outline of the program/entity of 1250 words or less. (PDF)
  • Materials include a summary of the assessment and outcomes 500 words or less. (PDF)
  • Letter(s), maximum of two, of support for the nominated program. (PDF)
  • Include an executive summary 500 words or less. (PDF)
  • Include supporting materials, photos, flyers etc. must be in PDF or JPG format.