In conjunction with other professional organization, the AOD Knowledge Community offers a variety of both online and downloadable resources that make it convenient to stay informed about current research, best practices, and information regarding alcohol and other drug issues on college and university campuses.

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The Jed Foundation and Education Development Center, Inc.

The Jed Foundation and Education Development Center, Inc. invite you and other stakeholders in the health and wellness of your student body to join us for a webinar series entitled CampusMHAP (Mental Health Action Planning).

There is no cost to participate in these four expert-led online events that will guide your team in developing the most effective approach to promoting mental health and intervening with at-risk students at your college or university. These sessions will provide valuable content to schools of all sizes, locations and demographics around the following topics:

  • Building momentum to address student mental health and wellness
  • Identifying institution-specific priorities
  • Implementing programs, policies and services
  • Measuring impact of campus efforts

Each webinar is live, giving attendees the opportunity to pose questions to the presenters. Attendees will pre-register to view the live event online and use a toll-free telephone number for the webinar audio. After running live, each webinar will be made available online at The Jed Foundation, along with tools that campus teams can use to engage in the strategic process outlined in CampusMHAP sessions.

Please visit the Jed Foundation to get more information about the webinar series, register for future events, and listen to past sessions.

For New AOD Professionals

The AOD Knowledge Community periodically hosts and shares webinars for NASPA members as part of our continuing focus on professional development. Below you can find a list of our previous webinars. If you are looking for future webinars, please visit our Events page.

  • Integrated AOD Models for Collaboration Between Student Affairs and Athletics
    • A new partnership between NASPA and NCAA Division III provides an institutionalized and ongoing structure to discuss issues around alcohol and drug abuse amongst student athletes. The partnership will help NCAA coaches and student-athletes better understand the impact of substance use through the development of a customizable alcohol and drug education resource for the approximately 450 active and provisional member institutions in NCAA Division III.
  • Maintaining and Thriving: A Dial-in Conference Sharing Ideas for Supporting Students in Recovery
    • Although transitioning to college and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for any student, students who identify as being in recovery may encounter unique obstacles as they navigate the college terrain. This dial-in conference will give you an opportunity to hear what your colleagues are doing to support students (and staff/faculty) in recovery. Following a brief presentation by Dr. Robert Reff, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, Oregon State University, we will open the floor for you to share your ideas. How does your campus support students in recovery? Challenges? Successes?