The Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community provides NASPA members a place to discuss the many ways in which we can promote healthy lifestyles for students and on campuses in a way that promotes the missions of our institutions.

We facilitate the discussion on the relationship between health and learning in college environments through:

  • Sharing data
  • Literature process
  • Discussions of research and best practices
  • Organizing and planning events at regional and national meetings
Wellness and Health Promotion Priorities
  • Advance a public health agenda in health in higher education
  • Infuse health into student affairs practice
  • Enhance alignment of health to the university mission
Wellness and Health Promotion Activities
  • Host a minimum of one preconference at each NASPA annual conference
  • Strengthen the KC
  • Increase communication with KC membership
  • Promote evidence- and theory-informed/based resources for health in higher education
Why a Knowledge Community on Wellness and Health Promotion?

Student learning is at the core of the academic mission. Students' physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health and well-being have a significant influence on their academic and personal success. Creating a campus environment that supports student health and safety is therefore an important, broad institutional responsibility that requires commitment and activities both inside and outside the classroom.

A wide range of college and university professionals work to promote health (defined broadly, not just medically) and therefore support student learning. It is common to find residence life staff, health educators, nurses, student activities staff, physicians, campus recreation staff, counselors, and other Student Affairs professionals leading or collaborating with faculty members or administrators on campus-wide health initiatives. Population-level health concerns (such as alcohol, violence, stress, and depression) are increasingly viewed as campus-wide issues that affect the health of students and their academic progress.


The Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community, formerly known as the Health in Higher Education Knowlege Community, was established in July 2004. As NASPA's Health Education and Leadership Program ends, the Health and Wellness Promotion KC will continue the discussion on the relationship between health and learning, and creating environments and healthy campus initiatives that support student achievement.