Faculty Council

In December 2012 the NASPA Board of Directors approved a proposal to form a Division of/for faculty members, known as the Faculty Assembly which will be led by the Faculty Council. The NASPA Faculty Council is responsible for advising the NASPA Board and staff in regard to the faculty agenda of the Association. The Board keeps international issues in the foreground of the Association and assists with strategic issues around regional alignment/assignment, deployment of resources, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

The Faculty Council consists of 14 members:

  • 1 Director
  • 7 Regional Representatives
  • 3 Members of the Faculty Fellows, one to include the past chair of Faculty Fellows
  • 1 Media Representative
  • 1 Member at Large
  • 1 Graduate Student Representative
History of the Council and Assembly:

Faculty Fellows gathered for the 2012 Summer Summit over the course of three days in August, 2012. Throughout the meeting, they conferred with NASPA staff, specifically President Kevin Kruger, Vice President for Professional Development Stephanie Gordon, and Vice President for Research and Policy, Brian Sponsler. Early in the meeting, Kevin Kruger suggested creating a Faculty Division. The results of our dialogue are included in this proposal. We were encouraged by the responsiveness of the NASPA President, staff, and Board to the need for a central role for graduate preparation faculty as we together advance the future of our profession.

The Faculty Fellows culled the information in this proposal from several documents: the minutes of the Summer Summit provided by NASPA, Fellows’ individual notes, notes of the brainstorm for the Faculty Division Assembly, and the NASPA 2011 Faculty Survey. In addition, we considered a proposal for a Faculty Knowledge Community. The writers of that proposal were consulted on this report.