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Developing & Assessing Learning Outcomes for Student Employees

Student Success Student Career Development
Whitney Brown University of Alaska Anchorage

Come examine student employment as a high impact practice and an enhancement to the educational and developmental experience. Learn how to effectively develop and assess learning outcomes for student employees and explore strategies on how to create and maintain a supportive learning environment with purposeful activities for student workers. See how the University of Alaska Anchorage operationalizes these strategies through their Alaska PEAK (Purposeful Engagement Assessing Knowledge) program. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • articulate the value of creating learning outcomes for student workers;
  • create appropriate learning outcomes for their student employees using the ABCD structure;
  • identify assessment methods to be able to determine the impact of the student employment experience and the degree to which learning has occurred;
  • examine strategies for sustaining a meaningful learning environment through the lens of a case study; and
  • return to their roles with the tools and knowledge necessary to facilitate a conversation and implement learning outcomes for student employees in their area. 


Special Thanks

A special thanks extended to the Student Affairs Assessment Team (A-Team) at UAA for their leadership in the development of Alaska PEAK and their commitment to enhancing student learning through on-campus student employment; to the IOWA GROW® program and the University of Iowa for their inspiration for Alaska PEAK, professional support and innovation in the field; and to Jenna Ralicki at Campus Labs for sharing her expertise and special partnership in co-presenting a similar session on these outcomes at the NASPA Assessment & Persistence Conference in June 2016. 

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On Demand

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