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Growth Mindset in Action: Lessons from the UCLA GRIT Coaching Program

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Wellness and Health Promotion
Nikita Gupta Fellow

This session will highlight the successes of the GRIT Coaching Program at UCLA, in which principles of growth mindset, mindfulness, and life coaching are applied to support students in developing grit and resilience. Participants will learn about the structure and impact of the program, along with key strategies for promoting a growth mindset that can be applied to any student interaction.

Removing barriers to student learning is an important focus when creating a campus community that is thriving and successful. Campuses are increasingly recognizing that mental health, well-being, and resilience are fundamental to a student’s ability to succeed in college and beyond. This interactive session will introduce participants to the GRIT Coaching Program, through the Student Affairs Division at UCLA, which uses principles of grit and growth mindset, mindfulness, life coaching, and positive psychology to teach students how navigate the challenges of student life in the current climate. This session will highlight the GRIT program structure and impact. Participants will learn key terms and will have the opportunity to engage with each other through interactive dialogue. In addition, this session will provide applicable, practical and effective coaching strategies for promoting growth mindset and resilience in any student interaction. 

Learning Outcomes

Learn key concepts related to growth mindset, resilience, and student success. Learn about the structure and impact of the UCLA GRIT Peer Coaching Program. Learn, practice and apply key strategies for nurturing a growth mindset in students. Enhance connection with colleagues through meaningful dialogue and discussion. 

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