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Partnering with Parents and Families, First-gen

Partnering with Parents and Families of First-generation College Students

Student Success Parent and Family Relations
Amy Baldwin, Ed.D. Daphne Rankin

Building a sense of community and belonging is incredibly important for first-generation college students. A key factor to this foundation of support is engaging parents and families of first-generation students; institutions can harness this support by viewing parents and families of first-generation students as partners in their students’ success.  

Drawing from their experiences at mid-size and large, public, four-year institutions, the presenters will first discuss the challenges of engaging the parents of first-generation students. They will then offer a suggested timeline to consider when developing content for communication and engagement. Finally, the presenters will provide examples of partnering opportunities and events, strengthening connections to the institution and levels of support.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this sessions, participants will:

  • identify strategies to engage parents and families throughout the academic career of their first-generation students;
  • understand possible barriers and challenges prohibiting engagement; and
  • learn effective communication strategies for parents and families that complement first-generation student outcomes and milestones.
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