Adult Learners and Students with Children

Adult Learners and Students with Children

The Adult Learner and Students with Children (ALSC) KC increases awareness, disseminates information, identifies resources and tracks academic and demographic trends concerning these typically under-represented but growing, and frequently intersecting, populations of students. All of our efforts are ultimately focused on increasing the recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of this demographic.

As a Knowledge Community we find recognition of Outstanding Programs to be one of our most important missions. Each year our community offers three awards to recognize the amazing work done by our colleagues in the field. 

 If you have a program at your University, College or Community College that supports that retention and successful graduation of Adult Learners or Students with Children, we urge you to apply for our awards.

Message from Chair

The most exciting part about embarking on this role as ALSC Chair is to learn more about the work and research taking place to better the lived-experience and education of our adult learners, including those with children. This KC is designed to highlight the talent and drive of practitioners across the country who are making a difference for these learners and are partnering with incredible organizations who also want to have a long-lasting impact. In the ALSC KC, we love to welcome new members and engage new folks to join our team. We as a KC strive to be collaborative, to learn from our talented members, and to instill a sense of urgency for NASPA members to celebrate the adult learner experience. It is critical for institutions to focus their supports, staffing, and resources on prioritizing the journey of adult learners and students with children. This population has and will continue to enrich educational spaces; let’s never cease to be their champion and advocate.

ALSKC Past Chairs


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Leadership Team

Knowledge Community leaders are NASPA volunteers who have generously devoted their time to their Knowledge Community. Chairs are elected by the Knowledge Community members while Regional representatives are selected from within the Region. Additional roles are selected by the Knowledge Community.


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