The Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community (LKC) was formally established in 2002 and is one of four ethnic-based NASPA Knowledge Communities. The LKC actively promotes the empowerment of NASPA members through education, research, shared knowledge, and mentoring initiatives, including:

  • Advocacy
  • Opportunities to connect with student affairs professionals locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Learning and sharing of best practices
  • Influencing policy and political change
  • Volunteer and professional development opportunities

Message from the Co-Chairs

¡Bienvenidx/os! We are thrilled to welcome you to the new home page for the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community (LKC). Please take this opportunity to learn more about us, read our blog posts, how to get involved, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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The LKC works in collaboration with other higher education and national partners to advance and support increased understanding of Latinx/a/o issues and experiences, as well as the development and advancement of policies and action related to Latinx/a/o national issues.  Recent partners include the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Community College Division Latino Task Force, Gender and Sexuality Knowledge Community, Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Knowledge Community, Eastern Connecticut University, Florida Atlantic University, Latinos in Higher Ed, Rutgers University, San Diego State University, University of New Mexico, Voto Latino, and Whittier College.

The Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community (KC) is one of four ethnic-based knowledge communities within NASPA. As a knowledge community, the Latinx/a/o KC actively promotes the empowerment of NASPA members through education, research, shared knowledge, mentoring initiatives, and the use of online forums to disseminate information and facilitate discourse. We will actively develop and encourage cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and awareness while celebrating the unique differences inherent in our community thus, enriching our NASPA experience and enhancing our understanding of student learning and development. As student affairs professionals we will challenge and engage our community to advance Latinx/as/os in NASPA as well as in our colleges and universities throughout the country.

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Leadership Team



If you would like to receive emails and the LKC e-newsletter, please make sure you select the LKC under the NASPA engagement details section in your NASPA profile once you log in OR scroll up and click on the green "join community" button right above the heading "message from co-chairs." We are unable to add the LKC to your profile. 

We are currently accepting contributions of the following types/topics:

  • This I Believe

    This began as a feature in NPR in the 1950s. In every LKC newsletter, colegas will have the opportunity to write about what they believe--their core values that guide their work and lives.

  • Transitions

    In this issue of the LKC newsletter, we will be focusing on transitional issues of Latinx/a/os in student affairs. This is an opportunity for colegas to reflect and talk about their experiences if they are starting their first position, pursuing their Master’s/Doctorate Degrees, or even a new position.

  • Professional Development

    Share with us some of the things that you have learned on the job/internship, at a conference, or about research that you conducting.

  • Hispanic/Latinx/a/o Heritage Month Events

    This is an opportunity for colegas to share what their campuses are doing for Hispanic/Latinx/a/o Heritage Month. This could be in the form of a flyer or pictures. Please include a description of the event.

  • News/Announcements

    Share good news with the LKC community at large. Tell us about awards and recognition you have earned, as well as any announcements.

  • Why I

    Tell us about why you joined the field of student affairs/higher education. 


Signature Initiatives


Since the fall of 2012, the Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community has been working to create a Strategic Plan to help guide the LKC in its future endeavors. The three areas that encompass the LKC Strategic Plan are (1) Advocacy, (2) Comunidad, and (3) Development. Within these three areas, are a variety of goals to help guide the Leadership Team in it's development of opportunities for it's members. 


Testemonios (testimonies) are an important part of Latino culture. The Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community History Committee was implemented to gain knowledge of the formation/creation of the LKC and how our colegas have helped form this Knowledge Community, gain insight from past members of the LKC Leadership Team and understand their drive and motivation to serve this Knowledge Community and store historical documents. 

Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community History Timeline

Latinx/a/o KC Leadership

● 2002-2004: Co-Chairs Dr. Salvador Mena & Laura Valdez
● 2004-2006: Co-Chairs Dr. Jacob Diaz & Dr. Tonantzin Oseguera
● 2006-2008: Co-Chairs Jason Casares & Dr. Clarybel Peguero
● 2008-2010: Co-Chairs Alex Gonzalez & Adriana Alicea Rodriguez
● 2010-2012: Co-Chairs Dr. Michelle Espino & Dr. Juan Guardia
● 2012-2014: Chair Dr. Terry Mena & Vice-Chair Dr. Angela Batista
● 2014-2016: Chair Dr. Angela Batista & Vice-Chair Dr. Joel Pérez
● 2016-2018: Co-Chairs Dr. Joel Perez and Dr. Sara Mata
● 2018-2020: Co-Chairs Dr. Sandra Rodriguez and Maria Genao-Homs
● 2020-2022: Co Chairs Dr. Martha Enciso and Dr. Delmy M. Lendof 


In 2013, the NASPA Region III LKC Pioneered the regional Snapshots. the group's goal was to better inform administrators in higher education about the Latinx/a/o community. The Snapshots aim to provide a resource for students, professionals, and researchers interested in Latinx/a/os in higher education. The LKC hopes that the Snapshot reports will be used as a resource regarding the changing landscape in higher education as it pertains to Hispanics/Latinx/a/os.

In 2015 the LKC Leadership Team charged the remaining regions with creating similar Shapshots. Below are the compiled regional Snapshots:

2015-2016 Snapshots

2014-2015 Snapshots

​2013-2014 Snapshots


Mena Valdez Awards

 Each year we honor LKC members through the Mena Valdez Awards. The awards were named after our inagural LKC Co-Chairs, Laura Valdez and Dr. Salvador Mena. Let's uplift folks and their work! We know folks are doing great work on our campuses and we need to acknowledge them via the LKC. If you would like to highlight an individual or program, please consider nominating them for an award.
The award form will be available in the fall.
We will update folks via the LKC monthly newsletter (make sure you have added the LKC to your NASPA profile. You can add the LKC to your profile by clicking on the "join the community" button at the top of the page). 


2020 - 2021 Mena Valdez Award Recipients

Amigx/a/o Award: Carla Stein, Front Range Community College

Latinx Inclusion Award: Dr. Angelica Perez-Johnston, Allegheny College

Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Rebecca Rodriguez, Texas A&M International University

Outstanding Master's Student: Hannah L. Reyes, Auburn University

Outstanding Doctoral Student: Nancy Camarillo, The University of Maryland

Outstanding New Professional: Ariana Mora Mero, California State University, Fullerton

Outstanding Mid-Level Professional: Fabiola Mora, Colorado State University

Outstanding Faculty: Dr. Tracy Arambula Ballysingh, University of Vermont and Dr. Antonio Duran, Auburn University

Outstanding New Program: FUTUROS Retreat, Florida Atlantic University

Community College Award: Joe Luis Hernandez, Mt. San Antonio College

Outstanding Senior Student Affairs Officer: Dr. Tomás A. Aguirre, SUNY Delhi

Outstanding Service: Dr. Sofia B. Pertuz, The JED Foundation (JED)


One of the best resources available to you is the wide range of professional development opportunities. This list contains both our “Hosted Events,” workshops and webinars that we plan and manage, and some “Related Events,” hosted by the NASPA Central Office or other NASPA Constituent Groups. To see a full listing of NASPA events, please see the Events page.

Get Involved with the Latinx/a/o KC

We could not be a successful familia without all of our colegas who continue to contribute to the LKC. Involvement can range from serving on the national leadership team, serving on a LKC regional board, joining a committee, attending national or regional conference events, submitting a national or regional conference proposal for LKC sponsorship, or submitting material for the LKC newsletter. If you are looking to get involved, please contact Dr. Martha Enciso at [email protected] and Dr. Delmy Lendof at [email protected]. Include your name, position, institution, and areas of interest for involvement.

Social Media
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LKC Blog and Newsletter
If you may be interested in writing a post, please contact Dr. Martha Enciso at [email protected] and Dr. Delmy Lendof at [email protected]

Open LKC Leadership Team Positions
If you are interested in serving on the LKC Leadership Team, we do have the following positions open on the board:

Please note, you will need to log in to your NASPA account to access the position descriptions on Volunteer Central. A NASPA membership is required to serve on the leadership team. 


Latinx/a/o Community 

June of 2016, the Latinx/a/o KC began a process to solicit thoughts , feelings, and experiences related to gender identity and expression inclusion within our KC. A survey was administered to the LKC, the Gender & Sexuality KC, and the Multiracial KC. Three themes (1. Name Change, 2. Practices, and 3. Education ) emerged from the survey and subgroup were created to explore themes. Subgroups reviewed the data, identified presenting problems, implications, and suggestion for future research and practice.

The Education Subgroup sought to create and engage in more education on gender identity and expression and the intersection with culture, race, and ethnicity- particularly within the Latinx community. Step one includes creating a list of resources for our membership to access. Below you will find this list.



Supporting Our Community

On June 19, 2020 the NASPA LKC and the ACPA LN held a community conversation titled Anti-Blackness Latinx/a/o Community. A recording of the presentation is available below.


Supporting Our Community