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May 22, 2020

Application Launch

June 29, 2020

Application Deadline

July 10, 2020

Selection Notification

NASPA Escaleras Institute

Workshop Supporting the Profession Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Latinx/a/o AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level

With the burgeoning population of Latinx/a/o students entering colleges and universities, the underrepresentation of Latinx/a/o higher education professionals serving as senior student affairs officers or vice presidents for student affairs and who can serve as role models and mentors has profoundly affected and will continue to impact the long-term prospects for student success.

Escaleras participants will learn from current Latinx/a/o higher education and student affairs leaders the core competencies, knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities that are germane to assuming administrative leadership positions. Participants will build essential competencies with a cohort of Latinx/a/o higher education professionals who are dedicated to leading in a vibrant, diverse, global, and socially just higher education environment. Escaleras participants will explore current research on Latinx/a/os in higher education leadership, pathways to educational administration, and challenges and opportunities in leading as a Latinx/a/o at institutions of higher learning.

To facilitate learning and appropriate enrichment, participants will be grouped in a professional-level track according to their current functional level and years of experience. Institute participants are expected to engage fully in all aspects of the Institute, including meals and Institute activities.

This professional development opportunity is designed for self-identified Latinx/a/o student affairs professionals with three or more years of experience in higher education. The application process includes completing an online application and submitting a current CV/resume. 

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