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NASPA Foundation Day One

Division/Group Events

Day One celebrates the founding of NASPA on January 25, 1918 – 103 years ago! Day One with the NASPA Foundation was founded to transform how people think about, talk about, and participate in giving back. It’s an opportunity to celebrate NASPA’s rich history and to give back to our members. The work of student affairs professionals continues to transcend and impact the lives of countless students. Your donations matter and allow for the future growth of student affairs through today’s campus professionals. The support of individual donors through #NASPADayOne—with gifts of any amount—will empower even more of your colleagues to attend professional development events that may be otherwise out of reach.

As many of our colleagues have been impacted by COVID-19, we hope you’ll consider donating in support of our new access scholarships to assist with membership dues and professional development. This was designed in response to COVID-19 to reduce financial barriers to attending NASPA events and to stay connected with NASPA.

For the Foundation's inaugural Day One, we are looking to raise $10,300 through 103 donors to recognize the 103rd year of NASPA's founding. 

  • Give $103 and enable two graduate students to attend the Virtual Conference
  • Give $25 on the 25th and help cover the cost of membership dues to ensure campus professionals stay connected

Reaching our goal of $10,300 would enable us to add even more recipients to our access scholarship program which empowers NASPA members to attend professional development opportunities that may be otherwise out of reach.


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How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Hear first-hand how your donations are making an impact within the lives of those previously awarded Access scholarships to assist with membership dues:


Transitioning out of graduate school and into the field during a pandemic is no small feat, especially as a new professional. Having experienced the benefit and joy of a NASPA student membership the year prior, I was excited to begin a new chapter of my professional life during which I could seek further engagement with our association. Unfortunately, COVID-19 created many barriers for me, including losing my ability to retain my membership. The NASPA Foundation Membership Access Scholarship dismantled those barriers, and allowed me to engage with NASPA as a new professional in ways that are invaluable. After receiving the scholarship, I was able to learn more about my First-Generation identity and its intersection with my professional career. I was also able to work as a program reviewer for upcoming conferences. Simply put, I was able to invest in myself and in turn, invest in the field of higher education.
-Morgan Carroll, First Year Area Coordinator, Columbia College SC


Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to continue being involved with NASPA, both in contributing to the organization’s initiatives through my volunteer roles and in finding community within its diverse network of student affairs professionals, despite my financial barriers. During this unstable period in higher education and the world at large, I have come to value the professional community I have gained from NASPA now more than ever. I have also greatly appreciated the opportunity to continue learning from my peers and colleagues through the organization, especially as I’ve been searching for research-based strategies and best practices for adapting my student affairs practice to the “new normal” of the pandemic. These opportunities for connection are truly invaluable, and I am thankful to the NASPA Foundation for continuing to foster these connections by supporting members during this tumultuous time.
-Anonymous, New Professional


First and foremost, NASPA membership would have not been possible without Dr. Lorie Kittendorf. She is my professional mentor and the reason I joined NASPA to start. Within my first year, I joined the Community College Division board, and soon after co-chaired the community college division symposium. Currently, I am the Region III FL State and Community College Coordinator and truly enjoy being surrounded by peers who are as ambitious as I am, if not more so. Being involved with such a great group of people pushes me to succeed personally and professionally and I have been extremely fortunate to be a part of NASPA for as long as I have. The NASPA membership felt a little tough to afford; especially now at a community college where it is not covered and we pay out of pocket. However, it has always proven to be beneficial for my professional development and to connect with others that share the love of our field. Thankfully, this scholarship will allow me to continue this work to help myself and others to move forward. Thank you so much to the NASPA Foundation; it is greatly appreciated.
-Yovan Reyes, Project Manager/Advising Transfer Specialist, Hillsborough Community College


Last year I had the amazing opportunity to be involved in NASPA, and I have been so grateful for how much this organization has contributed to my success as a student and future professional. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us with unique challenges, and I (along with many other college students) found myself struggling to make ends meet. Being awarded this scholarship took some weight off my shoulders and allowed me to continue my membership in this wonderful organization. I am extremely appreciative of this support and the donations that made this possible.
Ann Landreville, Peer Educator Program Manager, University of North Dakota


What do my gifts support?

  • Scholarships – Access scholarships to assist with membership dues and conference registrations for members
  • Grants – Innovation grants to promote new ideas and learning on campuses
  • Awards – Hardee Dissertation of the Year highlighting innovate and relevant research in the field

Can I designate my gift to support a particular cause or mission?

Absolutely! You can select from a variety of restricted funds to support a cause that is close to your heart.

  • Research: Excellence fund, Melvene Hardee fund, Research fund, Ruth Strang Research
  • Undergraduate / Graduate Students: BACCHUS fund, James Rhatigan fund, NUFP Scholarship fund
  • Women in Higher Education: Zenobia Hikes Scholarship for Alice Manicur Symposium, WISA KC Special Interest fund, Ruth Strang Research fund
  •  Leadership in the field: George Kuh Award, Melvene Hardee fund, Robert Shaffer fund
  • Various Affinity Groups within NASPA: Special Interest funds

 What amount should I give?

  • Any amount you are comfortable giving! Every dollar helps support the mission of the Foundation and ensuring NASPA members are supported.



We are also asking for your help in spreading the word about #NASPADayOne. We've created a toolkit that you can use graphics and content to share with your networks. We appreciate all of your work and support as we get ready for this inaugural event!

Sample Tweets

  • #NASPADayOne is an opportunity to celebrate the founding of NASPA and give back to our members. NASPA is looking to raise $10,300 through 103 donors to support NASPA membership dues, events, and increase NASPA access scholarship recipients. Donate today: https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Join me in celebrating #NASPADayOne on Jan. 25th by making a donation in support of the 103rd founding anniversary of NASPA. All donations will empower the impact of student affairs by supporting colleagues’ membership dues and attendance at NASPA events. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Give $25 on the 25th in support of #NASPADayOne! Making a donation will help cover the cost of membership dues to ensure student affairs professionals stay connected to NASPA events and professional development opportunities. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Help NASPA reach their $10,300 goal by making a donation today in support of #NASPADayOne. Any donation allows for the future growth of student affairs through today’s campus professionals #givingback. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Will you join me in donating to #NASPADayOne? Donations help sustain the future growth of NASPA and allow NASPA to give back to its members by providing them with opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one

  • Now more than ever, as many of our colleagues have been impacted by COVID-19, donations are needed to reduce the financial barriers facing our members. Will you join me in giving back and helping NASPA reach their $10,300 goal? #NASPADayOne https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one


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