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NASPA Foundation Day One

Division/Group Events

 About Day One

Day One celebrates the founding of NASPA on January 25, 1918 – 104 years ago! Day One with the NASPA Foundation was founded to transform how people think about, talk about, and participate in giving back. It’s an opportunity to celebrate NASPA’s rich history and to give back to our members. The work of student affairs professionals continues to transcend and impact the lives of countless students. Your donations matter and allow for the future growth of student affairs through today’s campus professionals. The support of individual donors through #NASPADayOne—with gifts of any amount—will empower even more of your colleagues to attend professional development events that may be otherwise out of reach.

As many of our colleagues have been impacted by COVID-19, we hope you’ll consider donating in support of our access scholarships to assist with membership dues and professional development. This was designed to reduce financial barriers to attending NASPA events and to stay connected with NASPA.

For the Foundation's second annual Day One, we are looking to raise $10,400 through 104 donors to recognize the 104th year of NASPA's founding. 

  • Give $104 and help support a graduate student to attend the Annual Conference
  • Give $25 on the 25th and help cover the cost of membership dues to ensure campus professionals stay connected

Reaching our goal of $10,400 would enable us to add even more recipients to our access scholarship program which empowers NASPA members to attend professional development opportunities that may be otherwise out of reach.


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How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Hear first-hand how your donations are making an impact within the lives of those previously awarded Access scholarships to assist with membership dues:


I am so grateful for the NASPA Foundation Membership Access scholarship. I was working outside of higher education and trying to find a way to return to the field, but NASPA membership can be pricey if you aren't working at a college or university. Because I received this scholarship, I was able to attend a virtual regional conference as a member making it affordable. The conference included an optional resume review and the amazing Sarah Park provided insightful feedback on how to restructure my resume. Soon after I applied for a position at Occidental College - and I recently started ! My connection to NASPA directly impacted my ability to find a job again in higher ed, and I am so appreciative of the generosity of the Foundation because of that.
-PJ Lutz, Assistant Director, Employer Engagement & Recruiting, Occidental College


I am truly blessed to receive the NASPA Foundation Membership Access Scholarship. This opportunity means that I can continue to network with higher education and student affairs professionals within the organization. I am assisting with the NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Knowledge Community by providing resources on accessibility, and assessment, and research from my work experience during my graduate studies. I joined this committee to learn more about student affairs assessment, evaluation, and research because I want to work in research to help people find resources. My plan is to be a NASPA member for life!
-Carissa Madden, Future Higher Education Professional, University of Florida


Receiving the NASPA Foundation Membership Access Scholarship has allowed me to continue my involvement in NASPA and forge professional connections that will help me in my work with students, as well as my personal advancement. As a second year graduate student, getting the opportunity to serve as a conference intern for the Region IV-E conference was an invaluable experience and opened doors to professional colleagues and mentoring relationships that would not existed without NASPA's support. Additionally, my work with the newly established New Professionals and Graduate Students Steering Committee has given me the opportunity to give back to the profession and support my fellow entry-level and graduate members as we all start to navigate starting the essential work that we do on campuses across the country. I am extremely grateful for the NASPA Foundation Membership Access Scholarship, which has allowed me to stay involved with the premiere Student Affairs professional organization.
-Kirwin Seger, Graduate Student, Western Illinois University


Receiving the NASPA Foundation Membership Access Scholarship was an opportunity to remain connected to NASPA for professional development and engaging with other Student Affairs professionals as an essential part of what I consider self-investment for my growth and contributor to the field. The Foundation scholarship helped to alleviate the financial burden of maintaining my membership when the challenge of the increased cost was prohibitive as budget reductions were made directly impacting the type of membership and associated cost. I found that the scholarship provided a way for me to establish new connections through NASPA. I felt supported while encountering challenging demands directly and indirectly related to the pandemic. I am appreciative of this opportunity and I hope that others find it is one of the many benefits available as a NASPA member.
Anonymous, Mid-Level Professional


What do my gifts support?

  • Scholarships – Access scholarships to assist with membership dues and conference registrations for members
  • Grants – Channing Brigss research grants to promote new ideas and learning on campuses, Collaboration grants to support new programs from NASPA groups
  • Awards – Hardee Dissertation of the Year highlighting innovate and relevant research in the field, Rhatigan fellows highlighting graduate professionals, NASPANow awardees honoring new professionals

Can I designate my gift to support a particular cause or mission?

Absolutely! You can select from a variety of restricted funds to support a cause that is close to your heart.

  • Research: Excellence fund, Melvene Hardee fund, Research fund, Ruth Strang Research
  • Undergraduate / Graduate Students: BACCHUS fund, James Rhatigan fund, NUFP fund
  • Women in Higher Education: Zenobia Hikes Scholarship for Alice Manicur Symposium, WISA KC Special Interest fund, Ruth Strang Research fund
  •  Leadership in the field: George Kuh Award, Melvene Hardee fund, Robert Shaffer fund, Excellence fund, Social Justice fund
  • Various Affinity Groups within NASPA: Special Interest funds

 What amount should I give?

  • Any amount you are comfortable giving! Every dollar helps support the mission of the Foundation and ensuring NASPA members are supported.



We are also asking for your help in spreading the word about #NASPADayOne. We've created a toolkit that you can use graphics and content to share with your networks. We appreciate all of your work and support as we get ready for this inaugural event!

Sample Tweets

  • #NASPADayOne is an opportunity to celebrate the founding of NASPA and give back to our members. NASPA is looking to raise $10,400 through 104 donors to support NASPA membership dues, events, and increase NASPA access scholarship recipients. Donate today: https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Join me in celebrating #NASPADayOne on Jan. 25th by making a donation in support of the 104th founding anniversary of NASPA. All donations will empower the impact of student affairs by supporting colleagues’ membership dues and attendance at NASPA events. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Give $25 on the 25th in support of #NASPADayOne! Making a donation will help cover the cost of membership dues to ensure student affairs professionals stay connected to NASPA events and professional development opportunities. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Help NASPA reach their $10,400 goal by making a donation today in support of #NASPADayOne. Any donation allows for the future growth of student affairs through today’s campus professionals #givingback. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one 

  • Will you join me in donating to #NASPADayOne? Donations help sustain the future growth of NASPA and allow NASPA to give back to its members by providing them with opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach. https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one

  • Now more than ever, as many of our colleagues have been impacted by financial hardships, donations are needed to reduce the financial barriers facing our members. Will you join me in giving back and helping NASPA reach their $10,400 goal? #NASPADayOne https://www.naspa.org/events/naspa-foundation-day-one


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