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NASPA Member Webinar

Virtual Engagement Events Professional Level AVP or "Number Two" Faculty Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level Undergraduate VP for Student Affairs

Whether you are new to NASPA or you're exploring new and exciting opportunities, there is no better way to learn how your membership can benefit you than by joining us for this monthly event. This webinar is designed to help you get better acquainted with the Association.  You will learn what our members find valuable about our work and resources, and how NASPA keeps its members at its core as we design programs, communities, and experiences that matter to you.

Learn not only about our resources and events, but about how our members and volunteer leaders are creating intentional spaces for higher education professionals to gather and work to provide better resources, professional development, and encourage personal growth in this field.

This webinar will be offered monthly, so join us on the date that works best for you! To view upcoming dates, please select the registration button below. We encourage you to think of ways that you want to learn about how NASPA fits into your goals, what networks to join, and how you can make your voice heard through our advocacy opportunities. For any questions, email NASPA's Recruitment, Engagement, and Volunteerism team at engage@naspa.org. 

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