Ruth Strang Research Award

The Ruth Strang Research Award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions to the body of literature concerning women in higher education.This award encourages high-quality research related to women in higher education and seeks to promote research by, for, and about women. Submissions can include but are not limited to unpublished articles, academic papers, or portfolios that show strong scholarship and address topics relevant to the education of women and their personal and professional development.  This award is sponsored by the Center for Women and funding is made possible through the NASPA Foundation.

Applications are due Friday, December 2, 2016 and applicants will be notified on January 13, 2017 regarding status. 

Applicants will be assessed on:
  • Originality: The author has developed content that is original. The reader is challenged to think about the topic in a new way.
  • Relevance to Literature/Women in Higher Education: The document not only supplements, but advances prior research and literature about women in higher education.
  • Clarity of Ideas and Structural Organization: The author clearly expresses his/her thoughts and maintaining the reader's interest. The order and flow of the information contributes to a well-developed manuscript.
  • Data: Data are appropriately and accurately derived and presented.

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