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Welcome to the NASPA website for the state of Alabama! This website serves as a resource for NASPA members within the state of Alabama regarding all that is NASPA on the national, regional, and state levels. You may find information here about volunteer opportunities, scholarships, research, the state Drive-In Conference, and much more! We invite you to look around the website to explore opportunities to engage with NASPA-AL.

Message from the State Director

Hello from the NASPA-AL Board of Directors!

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you all as the 2024-2025 State Director of NASPA-AL. I am honored to serve in this capacity and to collaborate with each of you in our shared mission of supporting student success and holistic development. NASPA-AL has been my professional home since 2018 and for the past four years I have served on the Board of Directors to enhance my own experience as well as listen, learn, and advocate for others in the field.

As student affairs professionals, we play a critical role in shaping the college experience for students across our state. From providing essential services and resources to fostering a vibrant campus community, our work is integral to the educational journey of every student. Through networking opportunities, professional development initiatives, and advocacy efforts, we aim to empower our members to thrive in their roles and make a positive impact on the lives of students.

I encourage you to explore our website, engage with our resources, and connect with our team to learn more about how we can support you on your journey. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the field of student affairs, and may we continue to place students at the center of our work and uplift one another as we shape the future of higher education.


Dr. Kathleen Penney Childree

State Director | NASPA-AL

Assistant Dean of Students | Huntingdon College

Board of Directors



Rising Stars of Student Affairs: New Professionals Workshop

July 24, 2024 | Zoom

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Professional Development

NASPA Alabama LinkedIn

NASPA Alabama hosts virtual professional development workshops, led by Alabama higher education professionals.

To view upcoming workshops and opportunities, visit the NASPA Alabama LinkedIn and navigate to the "Events" section. 

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Rising Stars of Student Affairs: New Professionals Workshop

November 9, 2023 | Zoom

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2024-2025 award information to come.

Enjoy exploring our various award categories offered for nominations below.

NASPA Alabama 2023-2024 – Awards

Future Leader Award (Graduate Student)

The Future Leader Award recognizes outstanding contributions by a graduate student. Nominees have made a significant contribution to their campus, demonstrated academic achievement, exceeded the expectations of their respective leadership positions, assumed a leadership role at their institution and demonstrated potential for substantial contributions to the student affairs profession.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Rising Star Award (New Professional)

The Rising Star Award recognizes outstanding contributions by a new professional in student affairs. Nominees demonstrate initiative, contribute to programs that address the needs of students and the institution, and create campus environments that promote student learning and personal development.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III William Leftwich Award for Outstanding New Professional.


Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement

The Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement Award recognizes a professional’s work at the campus level in the area of student programs. This recipient makes contributions above and beyond the assigned duties of their position and has a significant impact on student programs at their institution. 

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III Bob E. Leach Award for Outstanding Service to Students.


Spirit of Diversity Award

The Spirit of Diversity Award exemplifies the spirit of diversity as it applies to a commitment and appreciation for diversity and inclusion. Nominees have provided leadership and direction in fostering a culture of appreciation for multicultural values and the acceptance of individual and group differences.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award.


Region III Outstanding Service Award

The Region III Outstanding Service Award recognizes sustained volunteerism to NASPA at the state, regional, or national level through involvement in multiple branches (regions, knowledge communities, divisions, and groups) of the association. The recipient should have demonstrated significant impact on NASPA as an association through volunteer service. 

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III John Koldus Award for Distinguished Service to NASPA Region III in instances where the recipient has held membership in NASPA for 10 years.



Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional

The Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional Award recognizes a mid-level student affairs professional who has demonstrated professional responsibility for the direction, oversight, and/or supervision of one or more student affairs functional areas, and/or one or more professional staff members.  The recipient should have a record of innovative programming that has had a significant impact on their respective campus.  Additionally, the recipient should demonstrate service to NASPA through volunteerism and/or leadership roles held at the state, regional, national or international level.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III James E. Scott Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional Award.



Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs Through Teaching

The Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs Through Teaching Award recognizes a professional with responsibility for teaching graduate or professional school students who wish to pursue a career in higher education administration and student affairs. The award recipient should demonstrate consistent and excellence mentorship for graduate students as well as scholarly achievement and contribution across the profession.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III Outstanding Contribution to Student Affairs through Teaching Award.


Outstanding Performance as a Senior Student Affairs Officer

The Outstanding Performance as a Senior Student Affairs Officer Award recognizes a senior administrator who serves as the Chief Student Affairs Officer at their respective institution.  The recipient should be seen as collaborative, effective, and inspirational on their campus and have a high level of competency in developing staff. The CSAO should demonstrate exemplary managerial and administrative skills as well as leadership in campus and community initiatives. Additionally, this award recognizes a CSAO who has made significant contributions to professional associations through scholarship, leadership, and volunteerism.

The recipient of this award will be the NASPA-AL nominee for the Region III John Jones Award for Outstanding Performance as a Senior Student Affairs Officer.


Alabama Scholarship & Grant Opportunities

Get Involved

NASPA-AL Committees

NASPA-AL has 4 volunteer NASPA-AL Committees:

Professional Development Committee

  • The NASPA-AL Professional Development Coordinator seeks talented, organized, and committed NASPA-AL members to be a part of the Professional Development Committee. The Professional Development Committee will help to design, implement, and evaluate accessible professional development and engagement opportunities and events including, but not limited to, webinars, roundtables, panel discussions, digital content, and/or trainings in synchronous and/or asynchronous formats. Events presented by this committee should foster collaboration and engagement among the state’s membership. 


Recognition Committee

  • The NASPA-AL Recognitions Coordinator seeks talented, organized, and committed NASPA-AL members to be a part of the Recognition Committee. The Recognition Committee maintains oversight of NASPA-AL’s awards and recognition program, which includes the recruitment of nominations, review and selection process for annual awards, grant submissions, and scholarship recipients. The committee will assist in reviewing scoring rubrics for the selection of awards, scholarships, and grants on an annual basis and will assist to ensure that all nominations meet established criteria. Annually, the committee will conduct a review of NASPA-AL’s recognition efforts and submit recommendations on how the program can be improved and where new recognition opportunities can be recommended. 


Conference Planning Committee:

  • The NASPA-AL Conference Chair seeks excited, organized, and committed NASPA-AL members who would be interested in participating as a member of one of the Conference Planning Committee. The Conference Planning Committee will work to review and select program presentations, organize and execute day-of conference needs, assist in developing a plan for outreach and engagement with all institutions across the state to get them informed about the organization and what it offers, and work to obtain sponsorships for the association and annual state conference. 


Communications Committee:

  • The NASPA-AL Communications Coordinator seeks organized, creative, and committed NASPA-AL members who would be interested in participating as a member of the Communication Committee. The Communications Committee will be responsible for ensuring the visibility of the association to the public in multiple formats. This committee will help to develop ongoing digital and print content for NASPA-AL social media sites and monthly newsletters as a means to connect and engage constituents and market professional development opportunities presented by NASPA-AL. This committee will annually review the association’s website as needed for updates to event information, board members, and other associated links.


committee interest forms are currently closed

NASPA-AL Institutional Liaisons

The NASPA-AL institutional liaisons exist to ensure all institutional members are aware of NASPA-AL initiatives, awards, and professional development opportunities. By focusing on key communicators at each member institution, NASPA-AL will broaden our reach to ensure every Student Affairs professional across the state has the necessary information to make use of NASPA resources. 



  • At the beginning of each academic year, the NASPA-AL Director will contact Chief Student Affairs Officers (VPSAs) to invite them to appoint an institutional liaison. Liaisons should be finalized by October 1 of each year. Each liaison will serve for one year, concluding their service at the end of the Summer semester (unless identified for another term by their respective VPSA). Liaisons will come together once per year for instructional training and an overview of NASPA-AL annual opportunities. This connector experience should take place prior to November 1. 


Committee Participation

  • To enhance liaisons' involvement experience with NASPA-AL and to increase outreach and communication to our state’s membership, Institutional Liaisons are expected to serve on one (1) NASPA-AL Committee described below. The committee’s requirements and time commitment will be shared by the Committee Chair/Board Member after selection e-mail are sent.


Method for Communication:

  • NASPA-AL institutional liaisons will receive monthly emails from the Communications Coordinator detailing upcoming opportunities, deadlines, and graphics to support promotion of NASPA-AL initiatives, awards, and professional development opportunities. This email will be sent from the [email protected] account.
NASPA-AL Board of Directors

Board of Directors applications are closed for 2024

Alabama Higher Education Graduate Programs

Alabama offers multiple graduate preparation programs for aspiring Higher Education and Student Affairs professionals. Our universities also provide options for professionals seeking a terminal degree to further enhance their experience as student affairs practitioners or transition to faculty.

Alabama A&M University: Masters Prgram

Master of Education in Instructional Leadership

College of Education


Dr. John Prestridge, Program Coordinator

[email protected]

Alabama State University: Masters Program

Master of Education in Instructional Leadership

College of Education


Auburn University at Montgomery: Masters Program

Masters in Instructional Leadership: (the traditional Master’s degree and an Education Specialist (Ed.S) options)

College of Education

Jenny Kroft, Academic Advisor

[email protected]

Auburn University: Master and Ph.D Programs

Administration of Higher Education M.Ed. (on campus only)

Administration of Higher Education Ph.D. (on campus only)

College of Education

(334) 844-4466

[email protected]

The University of Alabama: Masters, Ph.D., & Ed.D programs

Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration (on campus and online program offerings)

Ed.D in Higher Education Administration (on campus)

Executive Ed.D in Higher Education Administration (hybrid)

Ph.D in Higher Education Administration (on campus)

College of Education

Contact for MA, Ph.D. and Ed.D programs: Dr. Nathaniel Bray at [email protected]

Contact for Executive Ed.D program: Dr. Arleene Breaux at [email protected]

The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Masters Program

Master of Science in Higher Education Administration (online)

School of Education and Human Sciences

Dr. Mary Ann Bodine Al-Sharif, Program Contact

(205) 934-7530

[email protected]

The University of West Alabama: Masters Program

Student Affairs in Higher Education M.Ed. (online)

UWA Online

(844) 900-3037


NASPA Alabama Publicity

NASPA-AL is happy to share any experience with its members that aligns with the purpose and values of NASPA. State institutions can submit publicity requests using the Publicity Request Form. All requests submitted two weeks in advance (after review) will be included in the next NASPA-AL email and/or social media posts. There is no guarantee for promotion of events or announcements submitted less than two weeks in advance.