NASPA Student-Athlete Knowledge Community Award for Contribution to Research

Student Success Student-Athlete
Application Deadline: October 15, 2019 | Award Type: knowledge community

The Student-Athlete KC recognizes outstanding contributions to research in higher education with the collaboration between Student Affairs and Athletics/Recreation. Nominees have contributed valuable research and subsequent programs that support the NASPA Student-Athlete KC’s Educational Plan ( and goals though their institution, conference, or association. 

In order to be eligible for the award, the recipient must be a member of NASPA. Research and programming needs to have already been completed, within one year of the application, or the program needs to be in the process of being executed. All applications must include a clear explanation of research methods, why the topic was important, and based on the findings of the research how the results will be or have been applied to programs. 

For questions, please contact: 
Paul Artale

Rackham Graduate School

University of Michigan

[email protected]



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Application Information

The award recognizes recently completed research, (i.e., within one year) research that supports the collaboration between Student Affairs and Athletics/Recreation.  It is not necessary for the research to have been published or pending publication.  Subsequent programs include initiatives that are a direct result of recent research, investigation, or findings to benefit student-athletes.  The research and/or programs may or may not be directly connected to the KC’s Educational Plan, however award preference may take the connection into consideration during final selection 


The proposal should be no longer than 5 double-spaced pages.

Provide a description of the research project/program, including title, research question(s), population, instruments, method, timetable, relevance to student affairs research or practice and to the SAKC Educational Plan.  Programs shall include timetables, learning outcomes, and assessment results.