Established in 2015, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) area encompasses over 30 countries and a very diverse range of higher education institutions, languages and cultures. MENASA serves as the key entity to promote the NASPA mission “of leadership, scholarship, professional development, and advocacy for student affairs” in the region.  

In addition to promoting the NASPA mission, MENASA facilitates the development of indigenous student affairs practice, research and professional advancement including the generation of regionally based models of student affairs aligned with regional cultural norms and understandings.  

Through the MENASA area, NASPA is able to bring its full array of resources, connections, research and insights to the region, and afford both professionals and aspiring professionals the ability to connect. In addition to the above, by establishing the MENASA Area, NASPA seeks to:

• Create more opportunities for regional networking—both online and in-person;

• Provide US-based NASPA members with an enriched understanding of the shared practices of student affairs professionals in the MENASA region as well as the unique culturally specific issues that both practitioners and students face when coming to the United States;

• Establish a global network that affords US student affairs professionals the opportunity to experience, learn and engage in student affairs from a MENASA perspective; and

• Serve as a key resource for understanding and research as it relates to students from the region. 



Leading and advancing student affairs practices and research in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.


As a designated NASPA Area, MENASA furthers the NASPA mission and strives to embody its values within a local context to our area membership. The mission of MENASA is to engage and connect student affairs professionals in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia to build a culture of support, collaboration, innovation, research, and professional development.

Adopted by the MENASA Advisory Board April 7, 2016.

Area Structure

The following countries belong to MENASA:

Afghanistan Algeria Bahrain
Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei
Djibouti Egypt India
Iran Iraq Israel
Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait
Kyrgys Republic Lebanon Libya
Maldives Mauritania Morocco
Nepal Nigeria Oman
Pakistan Palestinian Territories Qatar
Saudi Arabia Sudan Sri Lanka
Syria Tajikistan Tunisia
United Arab Emirates Yemen