Violence Prevention

The Violence Prevention focus area brings together a variety of NASPA programs that provide resources for members to build comprehensive and intentional violence prevention and response programs on their campuses, including providing primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention that address both the occurrence of violence and its root causes. Through involvement in NASPA’s many constituent groups, including the Campus Safety and Violence Prevention KC, Men and Masculinities KC, the Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Response KC, and Women in Student Affairs, you can engage with and learn from other professionals who are responsible for addressing a wide range of violence prevention and response concerns, including student conduct professionals, prevention educators, advocates, and Title IX coordinators, among others. Additionally, NASPA hosts professional development events such as the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Conference: A NASPA Strategies conference among others, where you can learn how to educate yourself and others about violence and the culture that supports it, to become an advocate for victims, and to create more inclusive campus climates. NASPA is also proud to be the home of Culture of Respect, an initiative dedicated to working with college stakeholders to improve institutional efforts to address sexual violence on campus.

Violence Prevention
Constituent Groups

Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention

NASPA hosts various events throughout the year focused on violence prevention.

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Violence Prevention
Initiatives & Awards

Ongoing NASPA initiatives that focus on or include violence prevention topics.

Culture of Respect
Culture of Respect logo
Culture of Respect builds the capacity of educational institutions to end sexual violence through ongoing, expansive organizational change.
#SApledge: “It’s On Us” to Stop Gender-Based Violence
#SApledge: “It’s On Us” to Stop Gender-Based Violence logo
"It's On Us" is a White House initiative aimed at preventing gender-based violence on campus. NASPA is doing its part with the "#SApledge."

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