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3 for 60 - Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use Webinar

Division/Group Events Health, Safety, and Well-being Alcohol and Other Drug Wellness and Health Promotion

Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use:  What Campus Prevention Professionals Need To Know

Research has increasingly put a spotlight on simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis/marijuana (i.e., using both substances such that effects overlap) and concurrent alcohol and cannabis/marijuana use (i.e., using both substances but not necessarily at the same time).  In our next “3 for 60” webinar, 3 of the nation’s leading researchers will describe their own research addressing the prevalence, patterns, and consequences of simultaneous use, with an eye toward what campuses need to know and opportunities for prevention.


  • Dr. Ashley Linden Carmichael, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
  • Dr. Christine Lee, Ph.D., University of Washington
  • Dr. Nadine Mastroleo Ph.D, Binghamton University, State University of New York

Moderated by Dr. Jason R. Kilmer, Ph.D., University of Washington

View the webinar recording here

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