Recognition Months

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice
January 1, 2023

As a part of NASPA's ongoing work to center equity, foster community, share resources and practices, and deepen learning, we have created a rotating Recognition Months feature of our website. With input from staff and members, NASPA hopes to balance education, dialogue, visibility, and action in the sometimes complicated effort to acknowledge and plan around affinity and issue recognition months, weeks, and days. These recognitions offer space for community, celebration, and expansion, and simultaneously, they may sometimes feel performative and reductive. Focused attention does not mean the work concludes at the close of a month or week, but rather that we have an opportunity to highlight, integrate, and connect. 

Pride Month

Pride Month is celebrated in June each year to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan and to honor the impact of queer and trans organizers and communities. Activities during Pride Month share the history of queer and trans individuals and communities, celebrate progress in the journey to intersectional equity and justice, and provide visibility, education, and advocacy about reactionary moves to limit access to healthcare, education, employment, and full legal equality. 


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