Get Involved

We are excited you are interested in joining the knowledge community!

We've organized the opportunities for involvement with the NPGS KC from becoming a member through various rewarding leadership opportunities. Explore these involveemnt opportunities below. 


    Just because you are a member of NASPA does not mean you are getting updates from the New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community. You have to become a member of the Knowledge Community to receive announcements, opportunities, and information related to our community. Follow the instructions below to join. Also, know that NASPA members are welcome to join as many KCs as they’d like. The more you join, the more you will get out of your membership.

    To join, simply follow these steps.

    Step 1 Visit the NASPA website at and log in by entering your Username and Password.
    Step 2 Click on “Update Profile"
    Step 3 Click on the “Edit Information”
    Step 4 Scroll Down to the Knowledge Community Section.
    Step 5 Highlight all KCs you want to join including the "New Professionals and Graduate Students" and click “Save”.

    That’s all there is to it. Also, consider joining us on social media.


    Aside from being member, joining a committee with the Knowledge Community is a step for deepening your involvement with NASPA. Each committee varies in its focus, but all work is done to #AddValue to our constituents. When expressing interest in a committee, a few things to consider are:

    1. What are the time commitments and when are the busy periods? Committees have different “busy periods” and amount of time they require to fulfill the duties of the position.
    2. Do you want a year-round or short-term commitment? Some committees are year-round commitments while others are project based. Which type of commitment are you looking for?
    3. What skills or experience do you want to contribute or develop in? Do not only consider doing work you are already familiar with or have done. Consider the NASPA/ACPA Professional Competences to contemplate skills you would like to intentionally develop in while serving to the KC.

    Ready to take the next step? Submit our committee interest form to get in touch with the Leadership Team Coordinator or Regional Representative. This is a way to start a conversation for your future involvement or be notified when positions with committees/projects are available.

    We are committed to posting all involvement opportunities via NASPA Volunteer Central. This ensures transparency and equal access to opportunities available to members. Completing this form merely connects you to discuss posted or forthcoming committee opportunities with a Leadership Team member.


    To be considered for a Leadership Team and/or Regional Representative position, you must be a NASPA New Professionals and Graduate Students KC member and be willing to devote time towards the betterment of the KC. 

    These positions are developed and selected by newly-elected KC Chair(s). Sometimes position offerings changes from term to term.


    The Knowledge Community Chair position provides leadership for the community. These positons are available on a two-year rotating basis. We encourage all involved NASPA members to consider applying for this amazing opportunity available for you to get actively involved with the NPGS KC.

    The chair(s) serve the KC by: (1) developing, recruiting and selecting a Leadership Team, (2) developing platform for the KC, and (3) engaging in communication between KC members, leadership, and NASPA Headquarters.

    Knowledge Community Chair/Co-Chair candidates should:

    • Be committed to the KC vision, mission, and goals
    • Be able to make a 2-year commitment to KC leadership
    • Be able to attend NASPA Annual Conferences and KC leadership events and phone calls
    • Possess strong organizational and communication skills

    In order to run for the chair position, be on the lookout for the Nomination Process held in even number years (2016, 2018, 2020, etc.). Nominations are by members of the KC or we encourage self-nominations as well.