We are excited to help you learn more about who we are, our focal areas and future plans.


The mission of the New Professionals and Graduate Students (NPGS) Knowledge Community (KC) is to educate and disseminate information related to graduate students and new professionals in higher education and student affairs.

Additionally, the NPGS KC is committed to creating opportunities for NASPA members to network, find community, create dialogue, further their involvement within the organization, and engage in professional development.

Strategic Plan

The NASPA New Professionals and Graduate Students Knowledge Community (NPGS KC) strives to educate, disseminate relevant information and expand our involvement in NASPA. The question becomes how can we create opportunities for you to #MakeYourMark on our NPGS community? How can you connect and add your unique input? What products or services could the NPGS KC improve or provide for our diverse membership?

These questions guided the development of our vision to #MakeYourMark. Our goals and objectives to help you #MakeYourMark for 2018-2020 include:

#MakeYourMark on Professional Associations: NPGS KC will generate several opportunities for members to further their involvement in the KC and NASPA, allowing them to build upon the Leadership professional competency.

We will:

  • Work with the national team members to set out goals for them to make a mark on the KC
  • Collaborate with NASPA and TPE (The Placement Exchange) staff members to address the vision that they have set out for the professional association
  • Establish opportunities to prepare members for conference presentations and networking opportunities
  • Assist NPGS KC regional representatives in their processes to establish/strengthen Regional Leadership Teams by:
    • Providing an outline of tips to work effectively in their KC
    • Meeting with regional representatives quarterly to address any questions
  • Form a research study to understand what new professionals and graduate students need from professional associations versus what they actually receive

#MakeYourMark on Scholarship and Research: NPGS KC will make an intentional effort to encourage its membership to consider their positions as scholars in the field, a trademark of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Research professional competency.

We will:

  • Research the possibility of creating a venue for NPGS White Papers, featuring research and personal narratives from new professionals and graduate students
  • Look into finding funds for a Research Grant that will support the research and scholarship of our memberships
  • Work with the faculty council to establish involvement from the Graduate Student Representative in an effort to recruit doctoral students to the KC
  • Offer chances for members to learn about furthering their education (e.g., terminal degrees, certifications, MOOCs, etc.)
  • Facilitate opportunities for members to support one another during their graduate school/new professional experience

#MakeYourMark on Equitable and Inclusive Practices: NPGS KC will encourage opportunities for the membership to think about the Social Justice and Inclusion professional competency.

We will:

  • Generate opportunities through in-person and online platforms for individuals to share research/practices that are on the cutting edge on promoting social justice issues on their own campus.
  • Expand upon identity-based roundtables and/or webinars that inspires our membership to consider their own social identities and how they impact their participation in the field
  • Create intentional efforts to recruit graduate students and new professionals from marginalized backgrounds (e.g., professionals of color, those who identify as gender or sexual orientation minorities, professionals with disabilities, etc.), especially from the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP)

#MakeYourMark on the Field: NPGS KC will produce different programs and initiatives to help members plan for their future in the field, allowing them to reflect upon the Personal and Ethical Foundations professional competency.

We will:

  • Address topics such as moving up in the field, personal wellness, and more in the NPGS Pre-Conference and regional conferences
  • Foster mentorship opportunities between new professionals, master’s students, and doctoral students both in and outside of conferences
  • Produce chances for individuals to engage via social media about current issues that are occurring in higher education