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Title IX: Going Above and Beyond Compliance

Virtual Live Briefings Health, Safety, and Well-being Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level VP for Student Affairs
Update as of September 4, 2020: In observance of the #ScholarStrike for racial justice, this briefing, originally scheduled for September 8th, has been rescheduled for October 27 at 4 pm EST. 
While federal laws like Title IX and the Clery Act provide a “floor” in terms of an institution of higher education’s requirements for addressing sexual violence, colleges and universities can – and should – consider how they may help reach a higher “ceiling” above and beyond compliance.
In this live briefing hosted by NASPA's Culture of Respect, experts from the field, representing a variety of perspectives, will share what it means - and looks like - to go beyond compliance. They will unpack how institutions can think beyond the letter of the law to create a campus culture in which sexual violence is not tolerated, and a culture of respect is fostered.
Registrants will receive a free copy of Culture of Respect's new Title IX Guide: Going Above and Beyond Compliance. This guide provides a series of questions that: help institutions assess compliance with key aspects of the new Title IX rule; identify the source of this information in the rule; and most importantly, prompt institutions to examine key questions, considerations, and evidence-based practices that help institutions strengthen their prevention of and response to sexual violence.
Price: $59 members, $159 non-members

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