Assessment and Evaluation

Good assessment and evaluation practices support the success of students, programs, and institutions through clearly communicated learning outcomes, solid methodology, and the informed used of data; assessment and evaluation’s importance to the field of student affairs continues to grow every day. This focus area pulls together information from current research and publications, our knowledge communities, and NASPA events to strengthen your knowledge base of assessment and evaluation, providing opportunities for involvement, education, and professional development in this critical competency for student affairs professionals.

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

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Assessment and Evaluation
Initiatives & Awards

NASPA is pleased to recognize student affairs professionals for their innovative assessment and evaluation practices that create a culture of assessment and learning on their campuses.

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    Starting in late April, 2019, the NASPA Research and Policy Institute blog has been merged into the NASPA blog! Check us out there: http://www.naspa.org/about/blog

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  • First-Generation Student Success through Leadership

    My current role as the Program Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion allows me the opportunity to provide support for first-generation college students. Our institution defines the first-generation identity as “the first in your family to attend college, or the first in your family to attend a college in the United States”. Our Center for Diversity and Inclusion oversees support for students of color, DACA/undocumented, LGBTQIA+, and first-generation student populations. As the first-generation student experience recently came into our Center’s purview, we are building a foundation for the support for this population. As I look at research around the first-generation student experience in higher education, I am consistently finding my passion for student leadership wanting to come into the conversation.

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    Lewis University, a Catholic and Lasallian institution with a wonderfully justice-oriented mission, is located in Will County, Illinois. The main campus is about 35 miles southwest of Chicago and about 6 miles away from Joliet, Illinois’ fourth largest city. When I started at Lewis four years ago, I was thrilled to see that the mission is front and center in decision-making on campus. Faculty and staff have a solid understanding of our institutional focus and most can recite mission values from memory. Despite this strength, at times our justice orientation shows up in very inwardly focused ways, lifting up only those who attend the institution, instead of bringing this mission out to the public for the common good. In an area that doesn’t boast a lot of institutions which align themselves with regional well-being, Lewis’ decision to become an anchor institution, providing intentional support to our local community, could have a real impact in the region.

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    The following article discusses the resources and tools that are effective in maintaining inclusive hiring practices.

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