Equity and Justice in NASPA

NASPA strives to place equity, and particularly racial equity, at the center of the decisions we make about professional development, policy, scholarship, and membership. This means recognizing, challenging, and changing exclusionary structures that are embedded in educational, association, and organizational systems.

We do this by convening institutions, members, and partners to develop and elevate inclusive practices; providing resources and access points for educators from minoritized communities to navigate the field of student affairs; providing race-conscious research and recommendations for institutions and practitioners; and advocating for equitable legislation and policy. 

Centering equity at NASPA requires compassion, focus, intention, courage, accountability, collaboration, and innovation, as well as a commitment to learning as we deepen our critical understanding and work.


Our Commitment and Strategic Focus


NASPA affirms the importance and centrality of the values of equity, inclusion, and social justice to student affairs professionals, both in their daily lives and in their work on behalf of and with students and other constituents. NASPA believes that equity, inclusion, and social justice require continual pursuits to ensure that members from all identities, backgrounds, abilities, and belief systems have access, voice, acknowledgement, and opportunities to participate at all levels within the Association and the profession. Additionally, NASPA strives to ensure that our membership, leadership, scholarship, and programming are reflective of these values, and through our standards of professional practice we hold our members and the Association accountable to these principles in our work on behalf of the profession.

Approved by NASPA Board of Directors March 2016



Equity, justice, and civic engagement are prominent elements of the 2019-2024 NASPA Strategic Plan, which aims to fulfill the promise of higher education through advocacy for student success, equity, inclusion, and social justice, research and scholarship, and professional development and engagement.


Important Initiatives

Anti-DEI Legislation Resources

NASPA has created a page to share resources and strategies, track legislation, solicit input, and provide opportunities to gather and learn. Visit here for regular updates and information.

Indigenous Peoples

Learn more here about NASPA's collaborative work to repair and re-center our relationships with our Indigenous Peoples community. 

First-generation Students

Today, one-third of currently enrolled undergraduate students identify as first-generation, approximately 5 Million students. Only 27% complete a bachelor’s degree in four years, significantly lower than continuing-generation peers. Learn more about the Center for First-generation Student Success to advance your institution's initiatives.

Latest Updates

Learn with Us

As student affairs educators, we know the value of truly inclusive, equitable, and just learning environments that cultivate critical thinking, identity exploration and expression, and capacity for change. NASPA’s signature offerings - our conferences, institutes, journals, and publications - integrate innovative practice and research that speak to intersectional lives and build capacity to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Conferences, Institutes, and Programs

Issues of equity, inclusion, justice, and civic action are integrated across NASPA's professional development offerings. In addition, we also provide dedicated spaces for deeper exploration of these issues, as well as for community-building and professional pathway development.

NASPA Affinity Pathways Programs

Journals and Publications

Take Action

We understand NASPA’s platform to shape the ways that higher education recognizes, challenges, and dismantles barriers to student and staff access and success. Learn more about NASPA’s equity-centered advocacy and action.

NASPA Statements

Policy and Advocacy

Alongside institutional policy, local, state, and federal legislation affects the practice of higher education professionals every day in their work to educate students and create more equitable communities. NASPA's Policy and Advocacy focus area, curated by our research and policy team and guided by the Association’s Public Policy Agenda, serves the need for timely information and analyses related to emerging policy. Learn more here.

We welcome your input about the legislative activity and topical issues that affect you, so that NASPA can work nimbly to respond to needs in an evolving policy atmosphere. Please add your voice using the Policy Engagement Form.


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