Public Policy Agenda

Building on NASPA’s role as a leading advocate for federal and state public policy in support of students and the student affairs profession, and reflecting the Association’s continuing effort to develop members’ professional competencies to engage effectively in public policy conversations, NASPA’s Public Policy Division presents the following agenda to guide member and staff public policy engagement for 2017-2020.

NASPA’s Public Policy Agenda is grounded in a commitment to ensuring opportunity for all institutional members’ students and a belief that higher education is a great benefit to both individuals and society. NASPA members and staff will direct efforts toward the following key public policy issue areas.

Read NASPA's full  Public Policy Agenda here. For the latest statements from NASPA or current opportunities for student affairs professionals to add their voice in support of students and student success, please visit the Policy and Advocacy page.

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Announcing the 2018 NASPA Hill Days and National Student Affairs Day of Action!

Student affairs professionals see first-hand both the triumphs and the struggles of students in ways that few other campus administrators can. Telling the stories of our students, stories that complement data showing what we know to be true across the country, is a powerful policy advocacy tool. Every day, student affairs professionals advocate for student success on campus; NASPA can help support and carry that advocacy to the next level, but we need your voice. Won’t you join #SAadvocates around the country in July, 2018 to share your expertise and insight with policymakers?

NASPA Public Policy Division Virtual Town Halls 

Members of the NASPA Public Policy Division host periodic virtual town hall discussions on topics of interest to NASPA members.

  • May 2018: Campus Safety and Guns on Campus, featuring Jeff Allison, Director of Government and External Relations, International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), and Kevin Kraft, Director of Community Standards, Tufts University and Secretary, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – New England
  • November 2017: Free Speech on College Campuses, featuring Bobby Woodard, Vice President of Student Affairs at Auburn University, and Allen W. Groves, University Dean of Students at the University of Virginia.

Student Success and College Completion

NASPA is committed to supporting public and institutional policies that seek to expand access to and success in high-quality postsecondary education to all students, particularly those which close inequity gaps for historically under-represented in US higher education.

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Student Safety and Wellness

NASPA plays an important role in advocacy for student safety and wellness, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and financial wellness, in public policy arenas, and also in helping student affairs professionals navigate compliance with related legislation, regulations, and governmental guidance on issues ranging from mental health, sexual assault prevention and response, financial stability and literacy, and civic engagement.

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Cost of Higher Education, Student Debt, and Borrower Protections

NASPA is committed to efforts that influence policies that facilitate the ability of students and families to make informed choices and those that increase college affordability, increase access and availability of financial aid, and decrease student indebtedness, particularly for students from backgrounds that have had fewer resources to support college preparation and access.

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Inclusive Opportunities for Access and Success in Higher Education

NASPA is committed to fostering increasingly more diverse and inclusive campuses including support for all students, including students historically under-represented in US higher education, especially amid heightened uncertainty regarding protections for international, immigrant, and trans students. 

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Civic Engagement and Freedom of Expression

NASPA is committed to supporting students, student affairs professionals, and others in expanding their capacity for civic engagement while simultaneously supporting individual rights to freedom of expression. Acknowledging the very real presence of historical, social, and political power dynamics which can neither be ignored nor become the sole consideration in navigating controversial topics and issues on campus is central to this tenet.

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