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NASPA Region V funding Request Process for event co-sponsorship

Region V welcomes proposals for financial support to co-sponsor professional development opportunities and events that are not directly provided to our region by NASPA.

Requests for funding proposals will be solicited three times/year (October 1, March 1, and June 1) by the Regional Treasurer via the email distribution list, Region V newsfeed, LinkedIn group, and social media outlets.

The Advisory Board will review requests for funding three times/year (Fall, Spring, and June Advisory Board meetings). Requests for funding may be reviewed at times other than this via email at the Regional Vice President’s discretion. Only one request will be accepted for a given initiative.

Requests should be submitted electronically to a member of the Advisory Board who will present the request.

Each request should include the following:

  • Brief description of the proposed initiative including: (1) purpose/identified need; (2) audience; (3) scope; and (4) expected outcomes
  • Description of the degree to which information will be shared more broadly with the membership
  • Full budget for the initiative including all sources of potential funding
  • Registration fee for participants or rationale if no fee is being charged
  • Amount requested from Region V and specifically how it will be used
  • Intention for annual program and whether or not NASPA funding will be requested annually
  • Degree to which Region V will be acknowledged/promoted
  • Primary contact person’s name, email and phone

Selection Process:
The Advisory Board will determine the amount that will be made available for requests for funding on a biannual basis. The biennium will begin with July 1 following the transition of the new Regional Vice President at the conclusion of the spring national conference and allocations will be determined at the June meeting preceding July 1.

Requests will be evaluated by the Advisory Board with the following criteria:

  • Quality and content of the overall proposal, including response to current issues and practice
  • Potential for serving regional members (via direct participation or indirectly)
  • Projected budget

Request for Funding Approved:
Recipients must commit to the following within one month of the event:

  • Acknowledge and promote Region V
  • Provide the Advisory Board and Newsletter Editor with a complete summary of the initiative upon completion
  • Provide the Advisory Board with a detailed account of how the funds were expended
  • Return funds if the initiative is not executed
  • Revenues above expenses will be returned to NASPA on a prorated basis

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NASPA REGION V scholarship information

Region V sponsors two types of scholarships. Apply online.

Western Region Conference:

  • $300 scholarships (15 total)
  • Applications are due September 1

National Conference:

  • $500 scholarships (6 total)
  • Applications are due December 1 **DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 14, 2017**

After the deadline, the Scholarship Chair pulls all the information and distributes it to the committee without any identifying information. The committee then scores the information and returns it to the Chair for data compilation. The Chair will email all the applicants regarding their status approximately two weeks after the scholarship deadline.

Scholarship winners need to submit their conference payment receipt to the Scholarship Chair for reimbursement. Once receipts are collected from all winners, the Chair and the Treasurer work together to reimburse winners prior to the conference.

The scholarship committee aims for a diverse group of winners across states and professional career level. Questions and inquires can be directed to Lincoln Johnson at [email protected].

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