The following are the goals for the Region VI Newsletter this year (2016-2017): 

  • Measure and then continually improve engagement with our readership
  • Share new knowledge in a relaxed format that allows for reflection and sound practitioner research
  • Disseminate regional reflections and scholarship surrounding ways in which we can dialogue and act on a global scale with social justice and inclusion in mind.
  • Encourage participation from all major subregions and as many KCs as possible innewsletter

Winter Newsletter Timeline

Call for Articles: Thursday, January 9th & January 23rd

Submission Deadline: Friday, January 27th by 5pm

Newsletter Distribution: The week of February 13th

Current Edition: 

FALL 2016 Newsletter

Remember it's NEVER too early to contribute to the Region VI Newsletter! 
Please email the Newsletter Editor at: [email protected]

In need of some inspiration? The following is a list of topics from past Region VI Newsletters:

  • “Save the Date” for upcoming events (include proposal & registration deadlines, cost, and primary contact information)
  • Knowledge Communities, Regional Representatives, & Sub-Committees post conference summaries/updates (100 words or so)
  • National Conference Presenters: Please provide a 150-200 word précis on your session so that those who could not attend can still benefit from your hard work.
  • Upcoming volunteer opportunities
  • Mentorship programs/experiences (Candid conversations, Meal with a mentor)
  • Insight from undergraduate/graduate students
  • Research & assessment
  • Leadership & diversity
  • Student Involvement, Engagement, & Development programs & services
  • Pressing issues facing student affairs professionals & how you are confronting those issues
  • Transitions: Are there any new faces on your campus or seasoned ones who have new positions? Any valued colleagues who have left or retired?