NASPA Region II has long been one of the largest regions (by membership) due to the number of colleges and universities located in the Middle-Atlantic United States. The leadership of Region II strives to recognize the excellent work being done within the region as well building talent at all levels by providing members with professional development and networking opportunities. Each year, Region II celebrates its community of student affairs professionals and students at the Region II Conference, held annually in June. This page serves as a collection of the Region's history and past major events. This collection will attempt to help create a repository for members of the Region to see what we have done and what we still need to do. Feel free to peruse and let us know if we are missing something or there is something that you would like to see!

- Jeffrey S. Putman, NASPA Region II Historian

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Regional History

Regional Directors/Regional Vice Presidents

Regional Members Who Served as NASPA President / Board Chair

Regional Conferences

Region II History

The following timeline chronicles the important events, projects, or initiatives from NASPA Region II's History . Each piece of information was found by researching the archives of NASPA Region II at the National Student Affairs Archives at Bowling Green State University.

Date                       Event, Project, or Initiative

NASPA is divided into seven regions, corresponding with the national accreditation associations. Here was the original proposed map. West Virginia doesn't join Region II until 1992.

NASPA Regions Map


Joseph Cole, then Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Rochester, is elected the first Regional Vice President. Here is the first Regional Vice President Ballot.

Region II First Ballot


Region II hosts the first Region II Meeting jointly with the Eastern Association of College Deans and Advisors of Students in Atlantic City, NJ. The registration fee was $5. (This was a precursor to Regional Conferences.)


Region II publishes our first Regional Newsletter written by Vice President Preston Parr.

Region II First Newsletter


Region II's Alice Manicur of Frostburg State University is appointed to the NASPA Board to create a network of female colleagues and encourage their participation and membership in NASPA.


Lenore Cole of American University becomes the first woman and the first African-American to be elected a Regional Vice President (Region II).


NASPA Region II holds drive-in conference on “The Meaning of Title IX for Higher Ed & the Implication of the Buckley Amendment” attended by reps from the US Dept of Health, Education and Welfare and staffers representing Senator Buckley.


Hailing from Region II, Alice R. Manicur serves as the 1976-1977 President of NASPA and was NASPA’s first women president. She served as Frostburg State’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Alice Manicur


The NASPA Region II Advisory Board sets a goal to identify & address concerns of special interest groups. The interests of “women, minorities, young professionals, small colleges, community colleges, and commuter institutions” were identified.


The Regional Advisory Board establishes the “Committee on New Professionals” headed by Fred Brodzinski, then a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University, designed to be a vehicle for new professionals to become involved in regional activities. Although it wasn’t called so until much later, Fred was the first “Graduate Student Representative” to the NASPA Region II Advisory Board.


The Regional Advisory Board set as a goal to increase the number of drive-in conferences and participation in Regional Activities. In 1977-1978, 5 workshops were held serving 608 members. In 1978-1979, 12 workshops were held serving 1,714 members.


Region II establishes 4 Sub-Regions to increase opportunity for participation & decrease travel expenses. The Sub-Regions were Metropolitan NY and NJ; Upstate NY; PA; and DC, MD, DE, Puerto Rico, & the Virgin Islands. 


NASPA Region II co-sponsors the “First Conference on Minority Affairs in Student Services – A Dialogue for Networking” with William Patterson University.


NASPA Region II hosts “A Conference on the Impact of Computer Technology on Student Affairs” at the Philadelphia Hilton.

Tech Conference Program


NASPA Region II and Teachers College, Columbia University establish the Student Development & Retention Consortium to help members create focused plans for improving retention using a model designed by Dr. Alexander Astin and Teachers College Professor, Dr. Martha McGinty Stodt.


NASPA Region II hosts the first annual NASPA 2 Regional Conference at the Downingtown Inn Resort in Downingtown, PA.

Region II 1985 Conference Program


Three Region II institutions: CUNY Lehman College, SUNY Stony Brook University and Slippery Rock University participate in the pilot year of the then NASPA Minority Undergraduate Fellows Program, now called NUFP.



West Virginia moves from Region IVE to Region II.


The first NASPA Region II Mid-Level Institute is held, in conjunction with NASPA Region I at Vassar College with 21 participants. Faculty members included Dawn Person, Lee Upcraft, Jane Richmond, Jim Dorris, and Susan Komives.


NASPA Region II establishes the first NASPA Region II web site, hosted by SUNY Geneseo. Jeffrey Putman is appointed the first Regional Webmaster. The site is moved to the NASPA servers in 2000.


In 1999 NASPA Region II hosts the “Caribbean Symposium: Student Development and Enrollment Management”, the first Regional Conference in Puerto Rico at the San Juan Grand Hotel.


Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Region II Advisory Board decides to host the 2003 regional conference in lower Manhattan at the Marriott World Financial Center. The conference theme was “Responding to Risk: Building Communities of Success.”


Region II hosts it’s first Mid-Managers Institute at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. It is designed as an institute to help the development of mid-level professionals. Originally held alternate years, beginning in 2018, it will now be held annually!

Region II Mid Managers Logo


During the 2009 NASPA Annual Conference, Region II debuts social media presence on Facebook and Twitter (both at @NASPA2). (A presence on instagram was established, also at @NASPA2, in 2014.) 


NASPA Region II hosts the first regional conference in the State of West Virginia “Region II: Mountains of Opportunities” was held at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia.

West Virginia Conference Logo


NASPA Region II returns to New York City, hosting the regional conference on a campus for the first time. “Bridging Communities, Transforming Lives”, was held at CUNY John Jay College & was the largest regional conference in NASPA Region II history at the time with over 400 members in attendance.

NYC 2013 Logo


NASPA creates the MENASA and LAC Areas and re-aligns Puerto Rico into the new Latin America & Caribbean Area. NASPA Region II's international partners become Germany, Greece, Italy, & Turkey.

Region II Map


NASPA Region II hosts the 30th Anniversary NASPA Region II Regional Conference at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

NASPA Region II 30th Anniversary Logo


NASPA Region II hosts a second regional conference in three years in New York City at CUNY John Jay College. The 2016 NYC conference was, once again, the largest in NASPA Region II history, attracting just over 600 attendees.

NASPA2 NYC 2016 Logo


Under the leadership of NASPA Region II Regional Director Kathy Woughter, the Regional advisory board develops “Strategic Initiatives”, it’s first formal strategic plan, to respond to the NASPA National Strategic Plan. See our current "Strategic Initiatives" on our web site, here.

Strategic Initiatives 2016 Cover


NASPA Region II's 2018 Regional Conference in New York City, hosted by New York University, broke the previous attendance record with over 630 attendees!



NASPA Region II and NASPA Region III announce the first ever joint Regional Conference between Region II and Region III in Washington, DC in June 2019!

Region 2 Region 3 Conference Symposium Logo

Past Regional Directors/Regional Vice Presidents

The following individuals served as Regional Vice President (1965-2012) or Regional Director (2012-present) and led the NASPA Region II Advisory Board.

Term Name Position During Term Institution During Term
1965-1966 Joseph Cole Dean for Student Affairs University of Rochester
1966-1967 Earl Clifford Dean of Student Affairs Rutgers University
1968 - 1969 Preston Parr Dean and Vice President for Student Affairs Lehigh University
1970 - 1971 Hadley "Stretch" DePuy Associate Dean Hamilton College
1972* James Lyons Dean of Students Haverford College
1972 Richard Siggelkow Vice President for Student Affairs SUNY Buffalo
1973 - 1974 Frank B. Williams Dean of Students Gettysburg College
1975 - 1976 Dr. Lenora Cole Vice President, Student Life American University
1977 - 1978 Frederick Dobens Associate Dean of Students Colgate University
1979 - 1980 Richard J. Correnti Vice President for Student Affairs Ithaca College
1981 - 1982 Raymond "Ray" P. Heath Vice President for Student Affairs La Salle College
1983* Dudley "Doug" B. Woodward Vice President for Student Services SUNY Binghamton
1983 - 1984 Thomas E. Miller Dean of Students Canisius College
1985 - 1986 Leonard "Len" S. Goldberg Dean of Educational Services Dickinson College
1987 - 1989 Marsha Duncan Vice President for Student Affairs Lehigh University
1989 - 1991 William "Bill" V. Larkin Dean of Students Widener University
1991 - 1993 Carmen G. Neuberger Dean of Educational Services and Student Affairs Dickinson College
1993 - 1995 Pamela Bischoff Vice President for Student Affairs Ramapo College of New Jersey
1995 - 1997 Jan Walbert Dean of Students Beaver College/Arcadia University
1997 - 1999 Karen L. Pennington Vice President for Student and Campus Life SUNY Geneseo
1999 - 2001 Linda Kuk Vice President for Student Affairs Rochester Institute of Technology
2001 - 2003 Dennis Murphy Assistant Dean of the College Gettysburg College
2003 - 2005 Susan Ebbs Senior Vice President for Student Life St. John's University
2005 - 2007 Bette Simmons Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management County College of Morris
2007* Charlie Fey Vice President for Student Affairs University of Maryland, Baltimore County
2008 - 2009 Helen Matusow-Ayres Vice President for Student Affairs Pratt Institute
2009* J. D. Carpenter Vice President for Student Affairs West Liberty State College
2010 - 2012* Laura Wankel Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Seton Hall University
2012 - 2015** Deb Moriarty Vice President for Student Affairs Towson University
2015 - 2017 Kathy Woughter Vice President for Student Affairs Alfred University
2017* Amy Hecht Vice President for Student Affairs The College of New Jersey
2017-2019 Michael Christakis Vice President for Student Affairs University at Albany, SUNY
2019-2021 Terry Martinez Vice President and Dean of Students Hamilton College

* - Partial term served due to job change
** - Beginning in 2012, the title of the position was changed from Regional Vice President to Regional Director

Region II Members Who Served as NASPA President / Board Chair

The following individuals served as NASPA President (pre-2012) or NASPA Board Chair (2012-present) and led the NASPA National Board.

Term Name Position & Institution During Term

1951- 1952

Blair Knapp

Knapp Picture

Dean and Vice President

Temple University

1955 - 1956

John E. Hocutt

John Hocutt

Dean of Students

University of Deleware

1956 - 1957

Frank C. "Ted" Baldwin

Frank Baldwin

Dean of Men

Cornell University

1964 - 1965

Victor (Vic) R. Yanitelli

Vic Yanitelli

Vice President

Fordham University

1965 - 1966

Glen T. Nygreen

Glen Nygreen

Dean of Students

Lehman College, CUNY

1970- 1971

Earle W. Clifford

Vice President for Student Affairs

Rutgers University

1976 - 1977

Alice R. Manicur

Alice Manicur

Vice President for Student Affairs &

Dean of Students

Frostburg State University

1990 - 1991

Marsha Duncan

Marsh Duncan

Vice President for Student Affairs

Lehigh University

2003 - 2004

Karen Pennington

Karen Pennington

Vice President for Student Development

& Campus Life

Montclair State University

2007 - 2008

Jan Walbert

Jan Walbert

Vice President for Development

Arcadia University

2017 - 2018

Deb Moriarty

Deb Moriarty

Vice President for Student Affairs

Towson University

Past Regional Conferences

Year Location
1985 Downingtown Inn Resort, Downington, PA
1986 Concord Resort Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, NY
1987 Pocono Manor Resort, Pocono Manor, PA
1988 Lancaster Golf Resort and Conference Center, Lancaster, PA
1989 Fallsview Resort, Ellenville, NY
1990 Shawnee Inn, Shawnee on the Delaware, PA
1991 Split Rock Lodge, Lake Harmony, PA
1992 Split Rock Lodge, Lake Harmony, PA
1994 Seasons Resort, McAfee, NJ
1995 Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
1997 Buffalo, NY
1998 Washington, DC
1999 Pittsburgh, PA
2001 Atlantic City, NJ
2002 Buffalo, NY
2003 Marriott World Financial Center, New York City, NY
2004 Baltimore, MD
2005 Buffalo, NY
2006 Philadelphia, PA
2007 Albany, NY
2008 Pittsburgh, PA
2009 Long Branch, NJ
2010 Wheeling, WV
2011 Baltimore, MD
2012 University at Buffalo, SUNY, Buffalo, NY
2013 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, New York City, NY
2014 The Stockton Seaview Resort, Galloway, NJ
2015 The George Washington University, Washington D.C. - 30th ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE
2016 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, New York City, NY
2017 Pittsburgh, PA
2018 New York University, New York City, NY
2019 Washington, DC (First Joint Conference with NASPA Region III)