Mental Health

The Mental Health Focus Area supports ongoing efforts to address the mental health issues that students face. As the stigma surrounding mental health continues to dwindle, student affairs practitioners will continually be facing and adapting to new challenges. NASPA provides support for those individuals in the form of specialized conference experiences, Knowledge Communities, and extensive research on the subject.

Mental Health

Mental Health
Initiatives & Awards

Postvention: A Guide for Response to Suicide on College Campuses
Postvention: A Guide for Response to Suicide on College Campuses logo
Postvention provides professionals with predetermined strategies and responses in the wake of a death or crisis on campus.
CU Thrive
CU Thrive logo
CU Thrive is a program built specifically for college students to help them explore, understand, and share their unique college experiences.
Just In Case
Just In Case App is for suicide prevention

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