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NASPA Regions are run and supported entirely by the continued hard work and contributions of our volunteers. Region I offers numerous volunteer positions and opportunities for our members to become involved. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role or helping out at a drive-in, there’s something for everyone.

Region I State and Province Director Nominations

NASPA Region I is currently seeking nominations for State/Province Directors to serve on the Region I Advisory Board. State and Province Directors are the stewards of the NASPA state and province-level association. Through their service, they ensure the continuation of an effective and quality professional organization.

State Director Responsibilities

State/Province Directors provide state leadership for NASPA Region I and represent the interests of student affairs professionals in their state to the Region I Advisory Board. They also play a key role in the recruitment and retention of NASPA members within their state:

  • Make appointments of professionals within the membership to the various project/interest/state boards.
  • Explore/develop opportunities for networking and professional development activities within the membership. Some of these may include coordinating drive-in conferences, co-sponsoring conferences or workshops with other associations or areas, or providing other programs congruent with NASPA strategic initiatives. Provide NASPA membership pamphlets at any membership events.
  • Support the regional and national initiatives of NASPA.
  • Convey information to the membership of NASPA, as requested. This includes ensuring that the state/province/European website is current and regular contributions to the Region I Newsletter are submitted.
  • Encourage institutional and professional membership.
  • Serve as liaison with leaders in other professional associations.
  • Provide reports of membership activities at Regional Advisory Board Meetings, and submitting a report to the Regional Vice President prior to the National Board Meeting (three times per year).
  • Collaborate with KC's on programming.
  • Attend Regional Advisory Board Meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Region I Vice President.

Nomination Process

To submit nominations for STATE DIRECTOR positions, please visit:

To submit nominations for the REGIONAL DIRECTOR position, please vist:

The timeline for nominations is as follows:

  • Call for nominations goes out to the membership via email next week (August 7th)
  • Nominations are submitted via google form
  • Nominations are due by Friday September 14th
  • Mid-September – October – Committee will contact candidates who have been nominated to gauge interest
  • November 1st – Nomination packets are due
  • November (at the Regional Conference) – Committee will meet to select final candidates
  • November 16th Final Candidate materials submitted to NASPA Office

The timeline for elections is as follows:

  • November 16th – Candidate Material Submitted to NASPA Office
  • December – NASPA prepares ballot
  • January 2019 – Ballots are sent out to NASPA membership – voting is open for one month
  • February 2019 – Candidates are notified and election results are shared
  • March 2019 – Elected candidates begin their term


Please contact Past Regional Director, Beth Moriarty [email protected]