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August 23, 2020

Call for Programs Deadline

August 23, 2020

SA Speaks Submission Deadline

NASPA Western Regional Conference

Regional Conference Student Success Region V Region VI Mid-Level



Presented By

Region V
Region VI

Call for Programs now open! Deadline August 23, 2020!

The NASPA Western Regional Conference Committee invites you to submit a proposal and join us for our virtual conference November 10-13, 2020. Scroll down to submit your proposal!

Message from the Chair

On behalf of the 2020 NASPA WRC committee, I am honored to invite you to Anaheim, California where we will join together to celebrate our profession and amazing colleagues. We have a dynamic and diverse committee that will be working to bring you an exciting conference experience, one that showcases best practices while networking and building relationships. 

Our conference theme, Together Towards Tomorrow, inspires us to interrogate the issues of our past and present as we imagine the possibilities of shaping a wonderful future. The conference committee understands the importance of moving forward collectively in this journey. During this election season, our work is more profound than ever and as student affairs educators we must build on best practices to ensure inclusive spaces on our campuses for all students to thrive. 

Anaheim is a vibrant destination that represents an evolving community moving forward into the future. Please join us with your colleagues, students and family as we move Together Towards Tomorrow at the 2020 WRC in Anaheim.


Rameen Talesh Ed.D.

NASPA WRC 2020 Conference Chair 

 2020 Western Regional Conference - Welcome!


2020 NASPA WRC Conference Committee

Click here to meet the NASPA Western Regional Conference Committee for 2020!

Call for Programs

The NASPA Western Regional Conference Committee (November 10-13, 2020) is going virtual, so we are re-launching the call for program proposals. We invite and encourage you to submit a proposal for this new conference format, as our need for professional development and personal connection is as strong as ever.

Our conference theme, Together Towards Tomorrow, inspires us to interrogate the issues of our past and present as we imagine the possibilities of shaping a wonderful future. The conference committee understands the importance of moving forward collectively during this time defined by pandemic-related fears, continued racial and gender equity issues, environmental urgencies, and of course the national election scene, to name a few. Our work is more profound than ever, and as student affairs educators we must build on best practices to ensure inclusive, healthy campus and virtual spaces for all students to thrive.

Proposals will be evaluated based on relevance to the conference theme; connection to Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators; content, e.g. sound program planning with clear expectations and outcomes, grounded in research and practice, and engaging format; and adherence to program submission guidelines.

Proposals are currently being solicited for the following types of educational sessions:



Types of Educational Sessions

General Interest Sessions

50-minute sessions should fall into ONE of the following categories: (1) Directly related to the conference theme and to the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners; (2) provide an opportunity to showcase programs, strategies, or interventions that have been successful on a particular campus; or (3) allow for discussion of current events, developing trends.


Note: If you are interested in being considered as a KC spotlighted General Interest Session, you will have the opportunity to indicate this on the application form.

Research Sessions

The format of the research sessions includes two research paper presentations, each to be read for not more than 15 minutes. A moderator/discussant will respond briefly followed by a Q&A from the audience. Accepted single research paper submissions will be placed together by co-chairs.

Poster Sessions

A poster session showcases research and/or institution programs and is held during a 50-minute concurrent session. Unlike a General Interest Session or Research Session, a poster session allows viewers to study and re-study your information and discuss it with you one-on-one. It combines text, images, and dialogue to create an interactive exchange of ideas between presenter and participant. As viewers walk by, your poster should quickly and efficiently communicate your topic.

SA Speaks Session

Student Affairs (SA) Speaks are 10-minute talks that offer Student Affairs professionals an opportunity to connect with one another through personal narratives and storytelling. This year, our hope is to have all members of our community (from NUFP fellows to SSAOs) invite us into their worlds by presenting on important topics and innovative ideas that will inspire us to move together towards tomorrow. The submission process for SA Speaks is a separate form from the general program proposals and requires both a written outline as well as "trailer" or snapshot of the full 10-minute talk. The link can be found here. For any specific questions, please contact SA Speaks Chair, Nancy Nguyen at nancy.t.nguyen01@sjsu.edu.  


We recognize that this has been an extremely challenging time on all of our campuses. The impacts of COVID-19, the deaths of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement, and the elimination of transgender non-discrimination protections in health care have had devastating effects on us and members of our communities. It is with all of these critical issues and so much more in mind that we have decided to move forward and provide an opportunity to nominate, celebrate, and honor NASPA Region V & VI colleagues and programs that have supported students, uplifted programs, and created positive change on our campuses and in our communities.
To support our efforts to honor individuals and programs through our regional awards, please consider nominating a Region V or Region VI colleague or program. Regional award winners will be forwarded for consideration at the national awards level, as applicable. 
A full description of all awards and a list of past recipients is available below! Please consider taking time today to nominate an individual and/or program for the difference they have made in your life and the lives of the students we serve!

Pre-Conference Program and Events

All participants must register for the 2020 NASPA Western Regional Conference to attend a pre-conference institute.


NUFP (NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program) Institute

If you are a NASPA Undergraduate Fellow, start your conference experience here! The NUFP Institute takes place over two days starting on Nov 10. To honor our conference theme, our cohort will build bridges to professional practices and skills, create connections to each other and participants in the other institutes, and support you in identifying next steps to your academic and professional goals. The institute will also introduce you to current and diverse Student Affairs practitioners, many of whom are NUFP alumni and friends, who will share their wisdom and coach you through your institute experience. Register early to secure your spot!

NOTE: Your status as a NUFP Fellow does not guarantee you a spot in this pre-conference institute. You must register to participate and be a current NASPA Undergraduate Fellow.



Felipe Martinez  — University of Washington, Seattle
Danielle Quinones-Ortega — UC Santa Barbara

Graduate Students Institute

Graduate student experiences offer invaluable lessons for navigating your Student Affairs journey; however, transforming those lessons into leadership foundations for higher education requires intentionality. From thinking about challenges facing Student Affairs leaders to planning your professional pathways, this pre-conference is designed to support your journey while addressing how to balance academics, career interests, and life beyond the profession



Chris Hutchison - Chapman University 

New Professionals Institute

The New Professionals Institute provides a forum for NASPA members with less than three years of experience to address the knowledge and skills they desire as they engage in the duties of student affairs administration. As a new professional, you are uniquely positioned to bridge the emerging needs of students and supporting the administrative evolution toward addressing these challenges. The Institute is offered in conjunction with the NASPA Western Regional Conference which allows you to build your professional network within regions V and VI. In addition, the Institute will feature the following topics:

  • Finding your place within your organization

  • Student affairs career planning and positioning for purposeful growth

  • Strategies for effective networking

  • Pathways for professional development

  • Trends in student affairs administration

  • Understanding campus cultures — external and internal influences



Leslie Opulauoho - University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu 

Mid-Level Professionals Institute

Mid-level professionals are some of the most influential forces on campus. In pivotal positions, they serve students directly while promoting the learning, growth, and development of their staff. As managers, they provide critical insight and perspective to senior administrators and bridge the gap between Academic and Student Affairs. In appreciation of the varied roles mid-level professionals play, the MLI provides focused learning and a valuable networking opportunity. Developed for those in a managerial position with professional staff supervision and development responsibilities, the MLI curriculum offers a space to learn from senior student affairs officers and the opportunity to share cross-sector collaboration techniques and approaches. Join us for critical reflection as we consider best practices and emerging trends while discussing job satisfaction and professional development.



Marcus A. Rodriguez — Occidental College


Community College Professionals Institute

The Community College Institute provides a forum designed for and by NASPA community college members.  The institute is designed to build networking opportunities, actively engage in understanding in the context and role of community college in America, and discuss the ways in which our work contributes to student success in higher education.  The institute is offered in conjunction with the 2020 NASPA Western Regional Conference, which allows you to build your professional network with others at community colleges in regions V and VI.



Isaac A. Rodriguez Lupercio - Santa Monica College

Assistant/Associate Vice President and Dean of Students (AVP/DOS) Institute

The Assistant Vice President/Dean of Students (AVP/DOS) Institute guides individuals who currently serve in a supporting role, or “number two,” to the institution’s highest-ranking student affairs officer. The institute engages participants in career networking, discussions about current national topics and how it impacts our work, best practices in supporting a senior student affairs officer, and visioning and reflecting around excelling in this role.



Clint-Michael Reneau - CSU Fullerton

Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) Institute

Senior Student Affairs Officers Institute:  Last Lectures From Our Best and Brightest

The 2020 Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAO) Institute will feature Last Lectures delivered by some of the most respected colleagues in our regions.  These well-regarded practitioners will share reflections for what would theoretically be the very last presentation in their illustrious careers. The Institute is structured to provide meaningful opportunities for dialog among the attendees about the issues raised by each of the lecturers.  These discussions will provide an opportunity to further engage the presenters while also benefiting from the wisdom of fellow SSAO participants. We will have rich conversations about our shared challenges, unique perspectives, and possible responses relative to the topics and themes highlighted by our invited speakers. 

Note:  The Institute is designed for the most senior student affairs officer on campus.

Prominent Speakers include:

Deneece Huftalin Chancellor, Salt Lake Community College
Les Cook President,  Montana Tech
Larry Roper Professor, Oregon State
Shannon Ellis Vice President for Student Services, University of Nevada, Reno
Mike Munoz Vice President for Student Services, Long Beach City College
Janet Smith Dickerson Vice President for Student Affairs, The Claremont College Services



Mike Segawa - Pitzer College