Get Involved

NASPA Regions are run and supported entirely by the continued hard work and contributions of our volunteers. Region IV-East offers numerous volunteer positions and opportunities for our members to become involved. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role or helping out at a drive-in, there’s something for everyone.

NASPA region 4 east leaders at conference in detroit
  1. Participation in an extensive network of more than 12,000 student affairs professionals, students, faculty and corporate and nonprofit higher education supporters.
  2. Regional and network membership.
  3. Opportunities for professional development through national and regional workshops and meetings at a reduced member rate.
  4. Volunteer opportunities on a state, regional, or national level.
  5. Access to publications that keep you up-to-date on the most important topics involving your campus.
  6. Opportunities for personal and professional renewal.
  7. Opportunities to publish with and for your peers.

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Short-term involvement opportunities:
  • Volunteer at the regional conference
  • Volunteer at a drive-in workshop or conference
  • Attend a Knowledge Committee meeting
  • Attend a drive-in workshop or conference
  • Attend the national NASPA Conference
  • Present at workshop or training
  • Post or monitor postings on Knowledge Community websites
  • Do research and writing on specific Knowledge Community themes for NASPA or publications
  • Write a brief article for a NASPA publication (i.e. Net Results, etc.)
  • Review program proposals for regional and national conferences
Long-term involvement opportunities:
  • Serve as a member or in a leadership position in a Knowledge Community
  • Serve on the Conference Planning Committee
  • Serve on the Regional Advisory Board
  • Host a drive-in workshop or conference
  • Volunteer on a Regional Advisory Board committee
  • Get involved on the state level
  • Coordinate a NASPA Institute with/through a pre-service preparation program
  • Serve as a NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) Mentor

NASPA members eating lunch at Region 4 East conference in Detroit


As the Assistant Dean/Associate Director of Academic Support & Enrichment at Denison University, I have been very pleased with the professional development opportunities that NASPA has afforded me. Denison University is a private, four-year, 100% residential liberal arts institution in central Ohio. Being a student affairs professional at a small school, I – like most of my colleagues – wear many hats. It is comforting to know that many other NASPA members are working at schools similar to Denison in size.

When I have a question about training peer tutors; motivating students on academic probation; or providing our relatively small Division of Student Affairs with effective professional development opportunities, I can always find ideas through NASPA. Especially within Region IV-East, there is great potential for information sharing and collaboration. If you are working at a small college/university and you have not yet taken advantage of all that NASPA has to offer, I encourage you to do so.

One of the best ways to get involved is through a Knowledge Community (KC). I am the regional representative for the Student Affairs Professionals working in and with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) KC; my involvement with the KC has led to innovative ideas for my campus as well as the chance to network with other professionals who are also bridging the gap between academic affairs and student affairs. I hope to see you at the next regional conference!

With so many ways to get involved with the region, it is important to consider all your options.

By Abby Ghering, Assistant Dean/Associate Director of Academic Support & Enrichment at Denison University
Student Affairs Working in and with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community Region IV-East Representative