Region IV-East Research and Assessment Grant (Application Closed)

NASPA Region IV-East is proud to support research and assessment by offering a call for research and assessment grant proposals. Grants will be awarded at the Region IV-East conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in November 2018.

In support of NASPA’s strategic plan, the Region is interested in funding research and assessment completed by NASPA members from Region IV-East that furthers our understanding of student access, learning, and success as well as the effectiveness of practice.  

Completed grant applications are due July 20, 2018.

There are four awards available this cycle - ($4,000 total):

2 Grants - Individual or Research Team Award - each worth $1,500


2 Grants – *Graduate Student Research Award - each worth $500

For any grant application, at least one recipient must be a NASPA Member from Region IV-E. Graduate students are eligible to apply for both levels of grants using a single application. Graduate student research grant dollars are available ONLY to a currently enrolled graduate student.

  • Overall proposal including originality and creativity, response to current trends and issues, clarity, value, understanding of student development and learning outcomes, application of theory to practice, writing style, and the degree to which it is based on research literature and theory
  • Research design
  • Proposed budget.
  • A rubric is used by reviewers and is available upon request. 

Award Information

Deadline: Aug. 10, 2018

For questions regarding the NASPA IV-E Research and Assessment Grant, please contact Amy French, NASPA Faculty Council Representative, Region IV-E,  [email protected].  

Applications are closed for Grants. 


Grant applications should be submitted via the online application form and include the following:

  • A cover page identifying the research proposal title, desired grant award category, the primary investigator’s name, NASPA membership number (at least one member of the research team is required to be a Region IV-E NASPA member), address, institution, telephone number, email address, additional team member names, NASPA membership numbers of any research team members, and a statement indicating:

“I/We agree to acknowledge Region IV-E funding support in all phases of research; I/We will not use any portion of the project for commercial purposes (i.e. selling an instrument for profit); I/We will deposit the grant funds into an institutional account; and I/We will provide NASPA Region IV-E Board of Directors with a written summary of my findings and a detailed account of how the funds were expended no later than 18 months after the receipt of this grant. I/We will also present findings at a future NASPA IV-E Regional Conference.”

  • Complete grant proposals are limited to 5 pages of content (excluding cover page and references), double spaced and should including:

o    Statement of research purpose/question

o    Brief description of literature addressing the research purpose/question

o    Description of the research or assessment methods to be used including:

§  Description of the population and sample

§  Description of any instrument(s) to be used in the study

§  Description of the data collection techniques

  • Description of the proposed analysis
  • Description of the intended audience for completed research
  • An indication of how the results will be disseminated to Region IV-E and NASPA membership
  • Description of the credentials of the researchers
  • Detailed budget (including support requested or received from other sources)
  • Graduate student applications must also include a memo of support from a faculty member.

Current Recipients

  • David J. Nguyen, Ph.D.
    Exploring the Influence of College Ecology of Graduate School Aspirations - Ohio University

    View All Current Recipients
  • Courtney Luedke, Ph.D.& Daniel Corral
    Undocumented Latinx Students in Higher Education: Impacts of Institutional Practices - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater & University of Wisconsin - Madison

    View All Current Recipients
  • Cobretti D. Williams
    Art for Activism's Sake: Women of Color Navigating Campus Activism through Artistic Expression - Loyola University Chicago

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  • Erica Phillips
    Exploring the Student Perspective: Student Loans and Co-Curricular Involvement - The Ohio State University

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Past Recipients

  • 2014 | Bill Heinrich

    - Michigan State University

  • 2014 | Anne McDaniel, Alicia Croft, Stephanie Shaulskiy

    - The Ohio State University

  • 2014 | Brenda McKenzie

    - Kent State University

  • 2014 | Katie O'Connell & Chris Chavez

    - University of Chicago

  • 2015 | T.J. Jourian

    Trans*Masculine College Students’ Conceptualization of Masculinity - Loyola University Chicago

  • 2015 | Dr. Mitsu Narui & Suzanne Shoger

    Allies for Women Engineers: Male Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Students Promoting Gender Equity - The Ohio State University

  • 2015 | Damon Sloan

    Predictors of Career Success of Twenty-Year Alumni: A Study on the Relationships between Participation in Undergraduate Co-curricular Experiences and the Career Success of Twenty-Year Alumni - University of St. Francis

  • 2015 | Nicole Letawsky Shultz

    Athletic Identity, Academic Motivation, and Role Conflict: Factors that Influence the Career Adaptability of Division I Student-Athletes - University of Minnesota

  • 2016 | Kyle Ashlee

    Exploring Critical Whiteness Studies in Student Affairs Graduate Programs - Miami University of Ohio

  • 2016 | Kari Taylor

    Contextualizing How Undergraduate Students Develop Toward Critical Consciousness - The Ohio State University

  • 2016 | Scott Gaier, Ph.D., Alex Crist, & Emilie Hoffman

    Cognitive Maturity in Learning Assessment - Taylor University